Frosty (is also a 'bookworm') Vignette

jeannespinesDecember 22, 2010

Frosty the snowman, was a happy jolly soul,

with a corncob pipe & a button nose & two eyes made of coal.

This Frosty lays on the LR divider by the front door ...I've had him several yrs & I change him out with an Angel who also likes to read there!

Behind him are 3 Angel children who innocense portray peace & goodwill:

Backside of the room divider:

The runner was purchased at a craft show some yrs back...made by a rugmaker. Merry Christmas, Holiday-ers! Jeanne S.

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Very nice! Love the snowman,sure likes your house! What is he made of, looks like concrete to me! The runner is wonderful, I love soft snuggly looking things. Great place for a vignette! Jan

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I am crazy, yes crazy, about that snowman. Jan is right, it looks like it's made of real heavy material. Can you put him outside? He is the best snowman ever!

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Jeanne, Your snowman is darling and love the way you placed your little bird. Looks like he's enjoying the story "Snowy" is reading. Sweet angels w/birds and your gold beads for seed.

I love your runner too with the flecks of red and texture. Your gold stars and tree just top this off. I really like the last picture with your lamp in the background too.


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Jeanne, that is certainly one unique Snowman! He's wonderful. Everyone's going to want him I bet.
Your vignette is totally delightful.

hugs, Karen

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He is the most wonderful snowman I have ever seen!

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Jeanne, I love your snowman. Have never seen one like that. Your vignette is lovely. I am also waiting to hear what your snowman is made of.


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What a cute snowman. Best I have seen! Always loved an intellectual man!

Saw a neat snowwoman at the antique store yesterday. Wanted to snap a pic of it to share with you all, but some lady dared to pick it up and buy it. The snowman had a sleeveless white fur coat on and some jewelry. She was about a foot tall. Very unique idea. I know it was really expensive, cause they were talking about how it was real fur.

Jeanne, again, very origional, cute vinette.


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Thanks, holiday-ers! Working in a libary in the Youth Dept for many yrs is what drew him to me, I think.

Shopping at Kirklands in a town about an hr away, I found him about 10 yrs ago or so...he's a "made in China" product (as most things anymore)...& he's made of a plaster-like material & painted off white with gold. So, nope, he couldn't be outside (at least here in Iowa).

My book angel (not shown) is from the same place but made her book debut a few yrs before the snowman...I love the detail in the plastercast & painting! Kirklands no longer in business in that town. Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, Your bookworm snowman is delightful.
My DD is a librarian. She would really love him.
Merry Christmas

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what a sweet vignette - I just love everything about it and it tells its very own story - like others would LOVE to have a snowman like that. Very cute TFS .....


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He's precious, as are the sweet angels. Nothing like getting "lost" in the pleasure of reading a good book! ;o)


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I don't know which I like better, the snowman or the angels. The room divider makes a great display place for the pair of them. On HGTV they are always calling those half walls "pony walls".

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I love, love, LOVE the scrabble pieces spelling out Merry Christmas. I'll have to incorporate that somewhere next year.

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He is adorable. I guess he needs to rest and read this season too!

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