Android tablets 8' -10'

genesMarch 4, 2011

Been seriously looking at a tablet for a toy..something to play with..dont want to go crazy and spend $600-800..was looking at something in the $200-250 countless diff manufactures and models..One of those with the nicer specs was the Flytouch3..with:

- Android 2.2 Froyo OS

- Built-in GPS Navigator + GPS Antenna

- Dual USB Slots / Single TF Card Slot

- Dual USB Ports for plugging Keyboard Cases

- Larger battery for extended usage time

- Built in Youtube Application for browsing videos

- Android Market Pre-installed

- 1.3MP Web Camera

Superpad 2 / Android 2.2 FlyTouch2 Gps Tablet PC Specs:

�CPU: InfoTM X220 ARM11 1Ghz

�Display: 10-inch (1024�600 ) LCD

�RAM: 512MB DDR2 / ROM: 4GB - Note: only 2gb is available for use as half of memory is used for O/S, Apps, and GPS.

�Battery: 6400mah

�Camera: 1.3M

�GPS: HopeRF XN203

�Wifi: 802.11B/G

�I\O: 2x USB; 1x RJ45; 1x mini HDMI; 1x MicroSD; 1x Stylus-slot



�Dimension: 269.91mm*170.45mm*14.89mm

�Buttons: Back, Home, Menu, Volume, Wifi, Reset and Power

Read all I could find on this and other (reviews) and there wasnt much..Anybody have personal experience with this or possibly another tablet that they are super happy about..

Currently have a couple of newish Acer laptops and a basic Kindle3..comments??

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Subject should have read 8" to 10" (finger trouble)

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I would suggest heading to the slatedroid android tablet area they have some awesome reviews and threads on many of the various android tablets.

I would definitely not go below android 2.2 because 3.0 is out now.

I am very happy with my PDN which is android 2.1 however would love one of the new 3.0 versions especially the xoom but they have it way over priced.

asus is coming out this year with an android tablet that should be very nice not sure what the price will be but should be a very powerful little tablet, said to have 3D quad core.

another good forum
Android Tablet Discussion

What's the best Android tablet for 2011?
some interesting options

If you have not been over to the chinagraber site I highly recommend doing so a lot of the folks on the android forums have bought there and their prices are very good. They offer a lot of tablets that have not even hit here in the US yet.

I also saw that motorola has been putting out some $200 and $100 off coupons for the xoom to bring the price down some.

Here is a link that might be useful: slatedroid forums

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Yes, I have gone to a couple of Android tablet forum (registered yesterday at the one you linked) and looked around and asked a few questions...I was at ChinaGrabber, thats where I got the specs on the Flytouch3...appreciate the insight...Those top 11 are way out of my price range

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I would suggest that to some degree you get what you pay for and good hardware is expensive. I would also suggest being suspicious of any deal that appears too good to be true or buying from companies you never heard of. Those companies may not even be in business 6 months from now and in the case of China, where the discussion is not about the latest, greatest device but who makes the best knock-off of the latest, greatest device, to be even more careful. You might even want to think about how you feel about intellectual property theft. These no-name companies are often relying on others to do the R&D and simply copying the design. Frankly, some do it better than others.

While you're reading reviews, you might want to make sure you are including some professional reviews from leading publications or reputable web sites. More than a few folks "rationalize" the purchase of mediocre equipment by downplaying deficiencies as a trade-off for a lower price. The simple fact is a lower resolution screen is a lower resolution screen and that cheap device with inferior hardware will never be an iPad or Xoom.

Maybe off a little but kind of like saying a Chevy is just as good as a Cadillac and justifying it by thinking you never really wanted leather seats anyway.

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Subject should have read 8" to 10" (finger trouble)

No, it wasn't you. For some reason this forum changes " to ' in topic headings.

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Solution is to use two ', like we did back in the old manual typewriter days.

Use ' + ' instead of ".

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