Firefox and Giving warnings before allowing

jerry_njMarch 13, 2013

I find Firefox blocks from a site I have listed as an "exception". Specifically I have: (for an example same type problem on other sites, maybe this one too).
Yet when I am on:
FF blocks and give me a warning.

Do we need a complete address in the exception list to stop this FF action?

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PKponder TX

Hmm, I am on Firefox 19.0.2 and went right to, then forums with no error. I even saw your post under the dog community :-)

When I followed the exact link that you posted I did get an error 404 not found. What's the verbage of the 'block'?

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What happens when you use a different browser for that site?

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Firefox preventing this page from automatically redirecting to another page

Above is the note in a page wide banner at the top which also contains a key to click "allow"

I have the "warn me if a redirect ..." and I have "" in the "exception list". When I clidk "allow" all goes forward, if I ignore I still have access to the same web page and function... e.g., read/write.

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PKponder TX

The setting that you mentioned "I have the "warn me if a redirect ..."" is what is causing your banner. When choosing that setting, you basically asked to be warned. It seems to be working as intended. I have no idea why adding it to the exception list for that rule is not working. Have you asked on the Mozilla Forum?

I was unable to find where that setting is located. Is it part of an add on or extension?

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Tools>Options>Security gives the dialog panel that has the warning function and the "exception" button. I also tried putting in full addresses and the exception truncated to the site address, so it seems to be intended to let a user make an exception for all of a given web site. It doesn't work on my Windows 7, I recall having the same situation in recent times with XP based Firefox.

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PKponder TX

What version of Firefox are you using with Windows 7? I don't have that option on the security tab.

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19.0.2 I have had the same difficulty on earlier versions too. This has been going on for months.. don't have a specific start in mind. I do recall Firefox taking more security measures some time back. I have used this browser since its early days, must go back to around 2000, if it was out that far back.

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