Calling all In-Sink-Erator GD owners

eleenaJuly 25, 2013

I have read all the threads I could find on GW about GDs and I am thoroughly confused. I called the company directly but the CS rep was totally useless. She couldn't explain anything about the products and just kept sending me to their website or hardware stores.

I am looking at ISE Evolution GDs Excel, Compact, and Cover Control.

Do I HAVE to get a separate DW connector?

I pulled up the specs and they all say "Yes" next to DW connection. But then why do the online retailers offer a DW connector?

Is their air switch good or do I need KW fiber optic one if I don't have a hot water dispenser?

Are they all direct-wire? Do I need to purchase a cord if I want to plug it into an outlet?

I want an ISE GD b/c they are smaller, quieter and US-made. But with all the accessories, the costs are adding up and I am not sure that ISE GDs are that superior to WK GDs (also very popular here).

If I am going to compost as much as possible and would never put bones into a GD, no matter what anyone says (insert a smiley face here), do I need a "Cadillac" such as Evolution Excel 1 hp or is 3/4 HP Evolution Compact is enough?

The continuous feed ones seem to have better reviews but I have a 4 year old who is going through a defiance stage. I am afraid she can press the air switch out of curiosity no matter what I teach her, so safety is of concern. I guess I could unplug it after use but that seems quite inconvenient.

Please advise! I need to order no later than tomorrow.


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I have the 3/4 HP Evolution pro compact, and it does crush chicken bones. It has not clogged, in my memory, in the almost 2 years I've had it, which I cannot say about the 1/2HP Badger, which was less than satisfactory. Many here have and love the air switch. It's fine. My WK fiber optic switch is also fine.

I was afraid of the continuous feed ones until I read on here that it would be very difficult to hurt yourself on one. There are no sharp blades, apparently, just these metal things that fling the food around, and they are way at the bottom. You'd have to try really hard to hurt yourself. With a batch feed, it is impossible to put your hand in when it is operating, so it is safer, but that is not to say that the continuous feed is unsafe. But yes, she could crawl up there and push the button, and without water running you could damage it, I suppose. The fiber optic switch does have a 20 second automatic cutoff, but she could just push the button again. It would be harder for her to learn to use the batch feed version.

My DW does share a drain with the GD. My old DW had a separate drain, but I guess they don't do that anymore. I'm afraid I don't know the details of how that works.

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I recently purchased the 3/4 HP Evolution Pro Insinkerator with IS single power air switch. I heard of it on GW and got it because it is even quieter and newer technique than our old IS. I got it all through Amazon (hoses too). It's an excellent set up for our needs.

Regarding the air switch-I have to press down quite some to initiate the motor. Perhaps a four year old could figure it out, idk. It is very quiet when running and you must press again to turn it off. A wall switch seems easier to switch to on to me than pressing the air switch to engage.

But, if you're worried about little fingers-and who wouldn't-maybe a louder GD is advisable so you can jump right on the situation.

Hang in there eleena. I know you're running hard on your kitchen stuff right now.

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I have the 1 HP version.
The DW line goes into the disposer - but I think the line came with the DW and not with the disposer.

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Thank you for your responses!

And thank you for your empathy, Sparkling Water!

I am feeling so down right now.

My remodel has been stalled since mid-April for several reasons. And with only one 24" clean-up sink (because I couldn't choose faucets/GD. filtration system for the prep sink back in April) and no DW, my marriage is in jeopardy, not kidding.

I am trying to re-start the remodel and nothing seems to work.
Everything that could wrong, does. Or so it seems...

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I understand fully. Use us as much as you can for support and knowledge.

For example, here are my saved direct links to Amazon i fired off one night on sink purchases. The products arrived very quickly and well packed; easy install and all work just fine. Note the buttons for the air switch come in 3 finishes: you choose, or you can order a separate button specific to your need. Lastly, I did order a separate Insinkerator Satin Nickel GD flange-they come with Stainless Steel.

(note, above can be purchased with two outlets, if you're getting instahot or maybe that other type of GD switch)

or maybe:

Multiple flange color options:

Lastly, after much research, for a reliable single pump action soap dispenser I choose the well reviewed Moen:

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Thank you!

I have checked the links but have more questions. I'll ask tomorrow b/c it is late and I'm brain dead.ð¢ ðÂÂÂ

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Sparklingwater, that list is very helpful to me, too, thanks!

Eleena, I hope this morning brings some sunshine and clarity. Before I started the process, I couldn't have understood the emotional ups and downs of building a kitchen! It is much harder work (even for non DIYers) than I imagined. And I understand how a single sink can undermine a marriage, the daily exasperation and conflict over ours is a big reason for remodeling.

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming (from Finding Nemo) - you'll get through this rough patch!

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Thank you very much for the info and moral support!

Here are my questions.

1. Judging by the links and what was said, I DO need to get a power cord and a DW connector - in addition to ISE GD, correct?

2. ISE spec sheets do not say anything about the flange diameter. It looks pretty big on the pix.

I have a Kraus sink and Kohler Stages. Would the flange fit the opening of the sinks?

3. Amazon has several GDs under the same name with prices $10-$15 of each other. I am under the impression that some of them are older models. Only Plus is currently listed on their website.

For the Cover Control series, what are the differences between "regular", "Pro" and "Plus"?

4. I have been "salivating" over that Moen soap dispenser too but I wasn't sure if the reach is sufficient for an undermount sink. I want to place the faucet as close to the edge as the sink lip allows. The dispenser will naturally be lined up with the faucet.

With the 2.75" reach, do you have any problems with getting to it or with soap leaking on the countertop?

Thanks again!

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I can answer one question: You do need a cord.

We had to purchase a extended flange for a Porcher apron sink, but not for my standard Kohler Iron Tones.

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DW connector will depend on your DW. I had to order one from Miele for my La Perla II. The 3/4HP pro excel from amazon has everything else you need. You plumber will supply anything else he needs. Don't try to make decisions like you are the professional plumber. you are a home owner and just get the main piece. He will get the rest.

I understand the incilination to be super analytical and wanting to cover all bases. But speed in decision making is worth some money as well. I would suggest just making the purchases instead of researching colors or features or prices for hours together. If you really hate the faucet or the drain, it is not a big deal to change it later. This is all of course hindsight being 20/20 for me :)

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Not trying to be analytical. I cannot afford my plumber having to come twice b/c he is so busy that I may not have a "second chance". For example, the electrician placed an outlet in a wrong spot so I couldn't get the DW installed when the plumber was here. It was in early April and I have not been able to get him back since then. Small sink in an tight spot + no DW = marriage disaster. LOL.

So, I need to have everything ready for when my "kitchen guy" gets the plumber to come here.

And no, I would not get another plumber - too long to explain why.

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The Moen soap dispenser doesn't have the longest reach. I traded it's accurate pump history (one or two at most each time) off for longer curved. I just cup my palm under it. If it drips on the CT, I wipe it up at the same time with a sponge.

Insinkerator Customer Service should be able to answer your question about fit of flanges for Kraus and Kohler sinks. Seems I recall the manufacturers all have standardized to allow for a GD since so many have them. I think our flange is like 4"-maybe 4 1/2"-whatever it's standard size. Our sink is a Blanco.

It's funny about the 3/4" Evolution Pro. When I called Insinkerator after hearing about it to ask questions, they said it wasn't available on their own website. They told me to go to a plumbing store or online shop to buy it. I'm not sure what's up with that, but the warranty is six years if I'm recalling correctly.

I don't know the differences between the IS regular, pro and plus, but again the CS should be able to tell you. I think they have a chart on this.

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I have the Excel Evolution 1HP model. Bought the insinkerator install kit on Amazon that includes the power cord and appropriate connections for a dishwasher. All stainless sinks will accept these disposers, they are all the same size. You don't have to plumb the DW line to a disposer, but it is preferred. If your disposer and DW have different flange sizes, you can get an adapter at the hardware store for Pictured is also the Moen soap dispenser, which I agree is the best solid pump for the money. Reach isn't great, but my sink is huge, what did I expect it to reach. I squirt it on a spoon/utensil then run water over that if I need some in a pot. Otherwise I mostly use it to wash hands as I have one of those brushes with soap in it.

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Thank you all very much!


ISE CS rep couldn't explain anything! I called them before asking here and it was a total waste of time.

But thanks to all of you, I'm getting close to understanding this stuff. One thing is clear - I cannot go *too wrong* with any of these three.

Now only if I could get my plumber to come over...

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The flange diameters are standardized for sinks. What can be different is the thickness of the sink, requiring a longer flange. Fireclay sinks would be an example of this. Extended flanges in various finishes are available.

GD units don't come with wiring. If you need to connect it to an outlet then you need to get a separate cord. Whether you get it from Amazon or HD/Lowes is up to you.

As stated, the DW adapter depends on your DW. They come with their own connection line and usually will fit the GD with no problems or anything additional. It may not be necessary, but you can pick one up at HD/Lowes.

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I believe the ISE Evolution Pro has an extended warranty if the unit is installed by a "pro" who signs the return card. I didn't bother, and just ordered one for each sink from a discount on-line plumbing source.

A dishwasher option that was popular when I had time to routinely tour the kitchen forum was a separately draining standpipe under the sink that the dishwasher hose emptied into (could also be behind the dishwasher with a deep enough counter). With some care in design (and recognizing that the open top has to be at least 18 inches above the trap weir) the drain becomes totally silent, matching the Miele dishwasher (among probably others). This requires some plumbing pre-planning.


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