discounted price on Acronis True Image till 3-6

ravencajun Zone 8b TXMarch 4, 2011

Acronis has put the 2011 true image program on sale since sp1 is now out for windows 7 and it is always a good idea to back up your full system prior to any big update. If you want to get in on either the full version or an upgrade version go to this link scroll all the way down to near the bottom and in the big letters you will see

Download Acronis True Image 2011 Today! with both options and it says Offer Expires March 06, 2011 @ 11:59PM EST

Download Acronis True Image 2011 Today!

that is 30% off regular price of $49.99 = $34.99

or 50% off the upgrade which would be $26.99

the links will take you directly to the acronis store for purchase.

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Thanks for the heads up Raven, time perhaps to upgrade my older version.

However I will say I have never used it on my Windows 7 computer preferring instead the back up program provided with windows. I use the Acronis for my XP machines.

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Is the "Create a System Image" I have on my Win7 laptop, the same as doing it with Acronis?

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Basically yes they both do the same job. Now I have never tried doing a recovery with the Windows 7 backup but neither have I read of any issues by other users. For the record I have never tried or needed to do a recovery using Acronis. A backup program is one of those programs that is wise to use to create an image but we hope we never have to.

On my Windows 7 I turned off the annoying reminder to back up my computer. I back up as and when the mood strikes me and perhaps it is not often enough but.........

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