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crazyoneJune 17, 2011

so it is common to put the tub faucet, and the shower head on the wall same as toilet. I like the idea of not having to reach over the toilet to fill tub but then Hubby pointed out when you sit int he tub toilet is by your head..

has anyone done the extreme and put the taps, shower etc on the opposite end?

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Oooh! Good point. Hadn't thought about that & according to our plans, that's how the kids' baths are set up! We did experience that setup at the beach and I didn't hear 16yr old DS complain, but then again, it was only for 10 days and the tub had glass sliding doors. Is the wall the toilet is on an exterior wall? If so, you should seriously consider putting the tub/shower plumbing on the opposite wall so you have access to the plumbing in the wall by simply cutting through & repairing sheetrock vs. having to rip through the exterior of your home or through your tile surround should you need a repair in future.

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the water parts are not exterior walls but rather the tub back.

I guess most keep them on the same side :-) no other suggestions??

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If you make a bathroom the minimum allowed dimension in both directions you will probably have to live with some inconvenience whichever way you place the tub.

I try to put the center of the toilet 21 inches from the tub face and jog the plumbing wall so the wall at the tub is 6 inches farther into the room so access to the tub faucets and mixer is easy and the toilet fits into the wall jog. That makes the bathroom 6 inches larger in both directions which is a more comfortable size, allows better door clearance and only adds 5 or 6 s.f. to the house.

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thanks renovator, i think i get what you mean but a photo would help for sure.

great for planning stages but we are framed and the wall fits the tub just and the toilet so which end you recommend for taps?

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I would also like to ask for a photo in order to understand exactly how you job the plumbing wall.

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This is an example of offsetting the tub. For a home I would offset it more. This example is from a small summer camp.

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very cool idea, that makes sense now visually.

but now that we are already build, what do you suggest for end for drain renova8tor?

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You get to choose where you want your head to be when using the tub. I only use the shower so I guess I would put the faucets opposite the plumbing wall if the cost is not too much greater. For a tub user I guess the shower curtain could block the view of the toilet. I often put the shower mixer in the middle of the side wall so it is not necessary to reach through the shower spray to adjust the mixer. If that is not possible, it helps to put it off-center on the plumbing wall.

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In one of our kids baths, we put the tub faucet/shower head on the toilet end, and on the other, we put it on the opposite end. We had intended to do it on the opposite end for both tubs, but that detail got screwed up on one of the tubs. Anyway, I don't think it's a huge deal, but I prefer the set up where the tub faucet/shower head is on the opposite end of the tub. We have young children that we bathe in the tub, and when I give them a bath, I kneel on the floor to fill the tub, check the temp, drain the tub, and also bathe the kid. So, I like that I don't have to hug the toilet in doing all that. I can be on the opposite end of the toilet instead of sitting on the toilet or crouched in between the toilet and controls. My older kids use the other set up, which makes less of a difference when you are just turning on the shower. Of all the small things I fretted about, this was one of the more minor things, but if I could pick, I'd go with faucet/showerhead opposite toilet.

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