Question about bathroom tile bid

JaniefulAugust 1, 2012

We just got a bid from a subcontractor for tile in our new bathroom. The GC had originally bid $600 for the tile floor, so we were shocked when the bids came back more than twice that.

The surface area that will be tiled is only 35 square feet. We would like to use a mid-range hexagon tile with black dots in it. When we got to the tile shop, she said that with Daltile you can add a square tile border for not that much more.

Here's the prices that she eventually quoted.

Floor w/ Daltile hex (1 1/4 inch):


Floor w/ Daltile hex and square border:


My husband said she quoted the labor at only $500. The labor sounds pretty reasonable to me (correct me if I'm wrong), but aren't those material costs out of whack? I'm particularly perplexed by the second number, since we're still talking about the same size floor. She said it was all on sheets anyway, which was why the extra border wouldn't add more labor costs. Am I missing something?

Also, here are the bids to do the walls and the tub surround with a white subway (Rittenhouse sq) with a black bulnose.

just the tub surround: $1,700

tub and walls (approx. 65 sq. fit): $2,200

We were pretty surprised by these numbers, and I think it is largely because the GC bid so low originally. I'm wondering if he didn't factor in that we wanted hexagon? He's been spot on on everything else so far, and we're talking about a $75,000 project, so I can't imagine he's trying to rip us off.

My question is - is this a normal price? Or should we shop around? When we went to the tile store, they let it drop that they are in some way related to the contractor.

Any help would be much appreciated. Oh, and we live in St. Louis, Missouri.

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I was quoted $3,300 for tear out and tile of a shower (3 bids). It was somewhat higher because of the small tile size. I would guess that you are experiencing the same thing. That's pretty fussy though beautiful tile you are looking at.

You can find Dal tile for less on-line. Your contractor can get it for a lot less than the list price too. You shouldn't pay more than 60% of retail

I've decided to live with my old shower and hope the pan hasn't or won't leak in my lifetime

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This bathroom is from scratch (in an addition), so that doesn't include any sort of removal cost.

I know it's hard to maintain, but we live in a 20s bungalow and have practical flooring in our upstairs bath. The house slopes too much for me to put tile without the cost of leveling the floor quite a bit. So this is my chance for a period bathroom, so I'm going to take it. Although perhaps I'll be cursing my choice in a few years.

Thanks for your response!

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DD2 is doing a MBath remodel. DH did the demolition. Tile guy did the floor and shower floor (Daltile hex and dot), shower walls (Daltile 3x6" tile, shower 4x4x8), shower niche, marble pencil trim in shower x 2, marble tiles on shower curb, built shower curb - concrete since she's on slab, shower pan w/preslope, smooth and level floor, did the waterproof backer board on the shower walls (before tiling). Not doing anything around tub. He brought materials, but not tile. $3200. He's been working in her bathroom for 6 days. Will do the grout tomorrow. Works alone.

I don't remember what sf of tile I ordered, but I got 9 boxes of hex and 5 subway. Hardly used any of box #5. 34 pieces of cove base (4 sides of shower bottom).

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