Very low speaker volume on Notebook

jerry_njMarch 21, 2013

I have a Toshiba Satellite T135, 13.3 " screen, Ultrathin for my travel computer.

I can not get enough volume out of the built-in speakers to hear the audio, not better even with a light head set.

Checking I see the "Volume Mixer" has the Firefox set for low, that could be part of the problem, that said I know I have set them all to maximum several times, including today.

The volume is so low any media that has an audio part is lost to me. My past Gateway Laptop wasn't much better... is this a common "problem" with laptops?

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A basic Google search using the keywords "toshiba satellite t135 low volume" (sans quotes) provided some on point information. The included link below may assist you.


Here is a link that might be useful: My Direct Life

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It's not with my Toshiba laptop. I bought it specifically for watching movies on ships or in hotels. The sound is great.

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No problems with any of mine

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Thanks and again I feel a little guilty for not searching the web myself, but as expected the "web" is not as helpful as the direct input I get from this forum.

My Toshiba is a T135D, I think the "D" indicates a special package for BJs Discount Club. Of course that is too small a market for a special design, so I suspect the T135 models listed in the Link provided are close enough to assume the same fix would work. It is helpful to read the link and learn my problem is not a unit specific problem, rather a driver problem it seems.

That said, my volume is so low I have to be in a quiet room to even hear it is on in a low whisper.

As the link advised I went to "uninstall" and removed the [conexant HD Audio Driver] and re-booted the computer. As promised the boot discovered the missing driver and loaded one, seems a Microsoft Driver [7/13/2009, Version 6.1.7600]. Looking at the list of programs, conexant is still missing, or at least that name is missing. The volume remains lowl

The reference site than suggests downloading an new driver which includes "conexant" in the file name and is a whopping 157.26 MB, wow for a driver? Looks suspicious to me, anyone know the site to be a "honest broker"?

I have a lot of space on my HDD, so why not? So in the download effort, not successful, I am introduced to a "GOLD Download" which promises the download in about 2 minutes.

As I have a 1.5 MBit DSL, the 2 minutes for 8 x 157.26 MB plus overhead can not be downloaded in 2 minutes unless "GOLD" has some significant compression which is unmentioned if it is there.

It warns that without GOLD it will take 68 minutes, sounds about right, so I click download, which downloads a small file [MixxxDJ.... an installer]. So now I am expected to run an installer with all my security down, i.e., the installer is on my computer.

I have very little confidence/trust for such activities.

Any testimonials for the subject web site? Or, another idea on how to update my Audio Driver? That is recover "conexant" or some other improved driver - i.e., run the Mixxx guy.

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Jerry this link is for the T135-S1300, your exact model does not show.

There is a Conexant driver there you might use. I like getting my drivers from original manufacturers when ever possible. And this is 157.26 megs in size

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Get the driver from Toshiba for your model number.

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Thanks, I'll look at the "competitive" offer for a matched-driver,
and, yes, go to the Toshiba web site to get a factory chosen driver - I've done that before, but didn't think of it this time. Still, this exploration of the subject has shown a path forward and confirmed it wasn't just me forgetting to turn the volume up.

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Jerry the link I provided is Toshiba

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Sorry I just gave a glance at replies.. you kept the URL clocked so I didn't see Toshiba. I appreciate the link to Toshiba that sounds like the right way to go. I will use it.

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I downloaded from Toshiba web site and it has my computer model listed T135D-S1322, a Windows 7 64 Bit. When I installed the Device Manager shows two drives under audio:
1) Conexant Audio Driver for AMD HDMI Codec
2) Conexant Pebble High Definition Smart Audio.

This may be why the download was so large, two big drivers.

I find the volume at maximu louder, I can hear it in a quiet room, so suppose a head set would allow me to hear (but not loud) in a room with activity - maybe not an airport waiting area.

Checking the W7 Volume Control dialog I see the "Pebble" drive listed in the top banner. It shows I have set the Speakers and both Browsers to maximum volume.

I still consider the audio to be a very unsatisfactory arrangement/provision. Of course, if I attached powered external speakers, my Notebook is happy to act as a Preamp.

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I had low volume in two Toshiba's . You need to play in control panel probably with the sound, speakers, properties. And/or if the Conexant has a control panel item, in it switch on one of the modes.

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Per your suggestion I went into the Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Manage Audio Devices > From this dialog box I clicked on Speakers (which is labeled with the "Pebble" connection) then took the "Enhancements" tab where there is a list of four "enhancements" I checked "loudness enhancement" ,

This boosted the audio max to a level that I can easily hear, not loud, but I can understand voice and my hearing isn't very good.


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