Zone Alarm is Blocking Spywareblaster

juneroses Z9a Cntrl FlMarch 3, 2012

Background: Win XP with SP3; Avast, MAM, SAS, Spywareblaster, Spybot S&D, Zone Alarm; Cisco router

I'll apologize first. If I'd known I would have problems and need your help, I would have kept precise records.

Yesterday, I bit the bullet and decided to accept the Mozilla update. I think Spywareblaster may have also had an update. Anyway, I did the updates and all seemed well. Methodically did the updates for the other security programs I had (listed above). All programs updated and are working except for Spywareblaster; Zone Alarm is blocking it from connecting to the internet (port 12080). I found this via the ZA log. What I can't find (or don't recognize if I have come upon it) is how to change this so ZA does allow Spywareblaster.

I attempted to solve the problem by removing Spywareblaster with Revo Uninstaller. I then downloaded and did a new install of Spywareblaster. This maneuver didn't fool Zone Alarm, however - it still refuses to let Spywareblaster connect to the internet.

Any suggestions? Or, maybe, I have enough security without Spywareblaster and should just delete it and save myself further grief?

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I use Firefox 11.0 and Zonealarm (free). I downloaded and installed Spywareblaster to see if my setup would block it. After installation, I ran Spyblaster to get updates. ZA asked if ok or deny -- I said ok, and got the updates. Is that different than your experience?

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It's been a thousand years since I used ZA.

Have you tried right-clicking on the icon in your System Tray to access the available tabs and options. Back in the deep recesses of my memory I seem to recall access to a roster of installed applications, and the ability to change allow and deny; green check marks and red Xs.


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Sounds like spywareblaster was blocked once.. thats right, they had allow / deny settings for every program in a quasi complicated dangerious misleading wording.

If you have vista or win7 .. or win8
you dont need Zonealarms

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No idea how to fix your problem but you have WAY too many security programs.

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As long as Avast and ZA are the only two applications in real-time I see no problem with what you have. As always, a tiered approach to protection and detection is the proper action.


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juneroses Z9a Cntrl Fl

Ta-da!!! I fixed it.

For the 31st time (!) I opened ZA and looked through the various screens. I found "Appplication Control" and for Spywareblaster there were red "X's" under "inbound" and "outbound". In this same table SAS (which is updating) had green checks.

There was no indication that I could/should click on the "X's" but I thought to do so; a menu appeared which allowed me to change the red "X's" to green checks.

After this, when I tried to update Spywareblaster, it worked.

Thank you all for considering my problem.

Mike_kaiser, you're probably correct, and I'm heavy on the security programs. This computer is about 7 years old and over the years, I've slowly added these programs (and very recently, the router) as they've been recommended here. When one has been recommended I don't recall a corresponding recommendation to get rid of "x". So the list has grown.

My computer seems to be running fine and isn't particularly slow so I haven't inquired about what I could remove.

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Personally, I think you are fine with your security programs. It's not as if you have a bunch all "running" at the same time. Glad you found the answer to your problem. Good work!

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