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amritakaurAugust 11, 2012

I'm remodeling my 8 x 7 ft. bathroom on a shoestring budget, and was looking for a vanity with "personality". I found this vanity on Craigslist and fell in love. it even came with a mirror (see link below). But now that I have it, I don't have the slightest idea how to design my bathroom around it. Does the style have a name?

All that's certain so far is the toilet will be white and I have this vanity.

I'm leaning towards a drop-in Kohler Greek bathtub in a tiled alcove, with tile on the side of the tub. What color tub? White to match the toilet, or another color to go with the vanity?

A clawfoot tub would look better style-wise, but we'd be limited to a small acrylic one and they're not as comfortable as the Kohler. I'm open to suggestions for any other short, deep bathtub, as long as it isn't multi-thousands of dollars.

If we go with an alcove tub installation, I'd like porcelain tile for easy care.

So... tile, paint, lighting, medicine chests, small storage... if you were remodeling this bathroom what would you choose?

I totally lack the decorating gene, so I really appreciate your advice!

(these pictures are from the Craigslist ad, not my own bathroom)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I would go with white. Your toilet is white and your sink is white. They will all pull together in the finished bathroom. Nice vanity.

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Thanks, zen4d. Would you also do the tile and walls in white?

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I don't think I would do the tile and walls in white, but I do think you can get away with it. Also, I'm not sure of the layout and where you would tile, where you would paint. Taking just paint, I would consider the rooms surrounding this bathroom and pull in some color from vanity that would blend with those, and then use a whitish-beige ceramic tile, something like in my post labeled "Pictures of my upstairs bathroom." It's a lot lighter than pictured, has lots of white in it, and goes well with the vanity's granite.

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Your bathroom is beautiful, zen4d. I like your tile a lot!

Depending on my mood, my sense of style is all over the map. Things don't have to match as long as they're pretty. My mom collected antiques from every era. Nothing in the house matched, but it all worked.

This house is a 1985 mobile home with NO style whatsoever, except for soul-killing trailer kitsch. If you put my wallpaper in Gitmo it would be considered cruel and unusual punishment. I'm remodeling one room at a time, as finances allow. The kitchen is now in IKEA Stat White with wooden countertops. I'm going to make a broken tile backsplash in ocean colors: aquas, blues and violets.

The bathroom is 8 x 7-1/2 sq ft. When you open the door you'd be in the SE corner, facing the vanity and mirror on the opposite north wall, in the NE corner.

Look to your left along the south wall and you're facing the toilet in the SW corner.

The bathtub will be along the west wall, in an alcove made by the north wall at one end, and a wall jutting out between the toilet and bathtub at the other end.

If you walk forward to stand at the vanity, the bathtub will be on your left. There's a small window on the north wall, between the vanity and the bathtub.

Vanity, toilet, bathtub, that's it.

I want to tile the three interior walls of the alcove and the exposed side of the bathtub. Paint the rest of the bathroom. At first I wanted a serene, zen-like atmosphere. Then I got this vanity, so Japanese is probably out. Or maybe not! I'm going for uplifting, relaxing, whimsical, interesting... Anything but bland (or tomato red).

Does this give you any ideas?

And thanks for your help!

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