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numbersjunkieAugust 6, 2012

Our house is over 25 years old and the master bath needs an update. I'm thinking of changing the layout.

Right now, my closet opens to the master bath. The closet is about 6 ft 8 inches deep by 10 ft 5 inches long. The master bath is about 10 by 13. DH has his own closet which opens off the bedroom.

I'm thinking about opening up the closet to use the entire space as the new master bath. I have a balcony which opens off the bedroom and I can close it in and convert it to my closet. it is about 9-1/2 ft long and just under 5 ft deep - not much of a walk-in.

What would you do? Would having s smaller closet hurt resale value - or would be be much better to have a huge master bath? Right now we have a lot crammed into the existing space - a large garden tub & window, and a separate shower/toilet room. We also have a 60 inch vanity but only one sink.

I also have a treadmill in my bedroom which I'd like to move into the master bath area if possible.

Here's the current layout - the empty box to the right of the vanity is dead space that can be used. Also, the box in the closet are is an attic access panel - would like to have pull down steps there if possible.

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I can answer about 9 1/2 x 5 for a walk-in closet. Mine is 7 x 4 and is more than adequate. I've got 15 feet of hanging space and 15 feet of shelf space. Your space has a whole lot more potential.

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What exactly do you think is wrong with the current layout? It is already a good size bathroom. I think enlarging it to include the closet too makes it too large and out of proportion. If the only problem is the lack of a single sink, how about if you just move the tub 90 degrees and put it in the corner. Then opposite the tub you can put in another sink. That would save on plumbing expenses too. If you are trying to enlarge the shower, get rid of the bidet. Then you could even turn that into a wet room.

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Thanks for the feedback!

I guess I was thinking that the balcony is wasted space, just used for storage now. So I may as well make it an official closet.

I'm not sure how it would look if I turned the tub sideways and tried to squeeze in another vanity. The widow behind the tub is a nice size (5 ft) garden bay window so it just seems like the tub belongs in front of it. As far as scale goes, the big tub and window are what I think makes the rest of the room looked really cramped. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have the large tile tub surround. I really would like to replace the tub with a nice free standing tub. That would open things up a bit.

And yes, the bidet will definitely go! What was I thinking? But then again, my Lab thinks its a drinking fountain and would probably object!

The shower is actually a nice size, I might make it a little bit wider. But I really want to put in a nice tile shower and therefore don't want it closed in where it can't be seen. But if I open the shower romm up, then the toilet is exposed too.

I'm so confused. I've been playing around with alternative layouts and nothing seems quite right. But I think I have determined that the treadmill just won't fit.

And yes, I know moving plumbing will not be easy. But maybe worth it?

I could really use some suggestions. Please Help!

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I can't make out your floorplan very well but if you remove the bidet, would you be able to wall off the toilet separately and access the shower from the main room?

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Yes, the bidet is definitely going, depsite the fact that my Lab thinks it is a drinking fountain and will probably object! But I don't think there is enough space to allow a direct entry to the shower from the main bathroom because of the tub. And one think I hate is that you look right at the toilet when you enter the bathroom from the bedroom. Not the best view.

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What about stealing just enough space from the closet to move the toilet (potentially expensive; depends on which way your joists go and what the access is from below). Then put a closet door on the bedroom side, knock down the wall separating the shower from the rest of the room, and you've got a more open room.

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