Can't connect to internet

stu2900March 15, 2013

We have a computer that works fine most of the day, but in the afternoon it won't connect to the internet unless it's rebooted. Word and other programs work just fine, but this rebooting is getting annoying. We're using IE 8 and Windows XP. Any suggestions?

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This happened to me.Called Comcast asked for a tech. they came out and they found out I was not wired right.Things will work right for a while but like people they soon break down.So they rewired and so far everything is fine.I was without complete service for quite awhile.I thought it was my computer went out and brought a newone.Needed to upgrade anyway but I could have waited another year.Now I have another problem This "8" is adoozey .I have nothing but time and I will master it.But if I come up against a big problem I"sure I can get help here.

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