cultured granite for shower pan

ljp326August 26, 2013

Great site. Issue is: looking for maintenance free reno of bath for summer house at beach. considering Swanstone shower surround. No glass doors.. will use curtain and "hopefully" high enough shower threshold to keep the curtain in they say its 4 1/2. However, was thinking of "cultured granite" base but needs to be fabricated 48 x 36.
Any suggestions for base? How is Swanstone holding up after some use? Not crazy about "silicone" seams as I now have a 1976 green Kohler 1 piece fiberglass that has performed flawlessly with curtain...throw away liner or wash in machine.

Should I just stick with Swanstone system (prepping the walls behind, as noted) or kill myself searching out cultured granite pans...HD and Lowes don't have them.

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Why not put in a swanstone base? We did with tile walls. We needed an unusual sized base and swanstone was the one available. Holding up just fine.

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I've had a Swanstone base with tiled walls for over 9 years. It's held up just fine. The base still looks just about new.


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Thanks. I've been leaning that way. was the swanstone base set in mortar? did you use Hardiboard and that red waterproof paint?

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Yes, the swanstone base was set in some mortar. Unfortunately, the shower was done by a contractor before I knew better with just cement backer board. So far all seems dry though.


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Hi ljp326,
Glad you're considering a Swan shower pan! If you've got specific sizing or installation questions, you can always email Those folks are great at helping out in a pinch.

Hope that helps. Good luck on that beach house reno! Sounds fantastic!

Chelsie H.
Swan Corp.

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