DCS Oven Light Replacement

antiquesilverJuly 6, 2010

One of the oven lights has burned out in my RG366 AG range. The manual says to remove the cover by unscrewing it counterclosewise & replace the bulb. The problem is, I can't budge the glass cover. It has possibly 1/8" of play in turning it but that seems to be intentional & not part of the tightening/loosening action (hope that makes sense). Does anyone have any suggestions or know if it takes several complete turns, or 1/4 turn then pull, or what? It's aggrievating to see only half what you're cooking!

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Can you loosen the cover on the good light?

If the cover on the failed lamp has never been removed before it is possible it is binding on a bit of manufacturing debris, grease buildup, or misalignment during original installation at the factory or during a service call. If you can slightly move it up and down and from side to side you might try warming the oven to 200 or so, shutting it off, and cooling the cover with damp paper towels that you have put in your fridge some time earlier. That may be enough with a good twist to get it moving out of the bind (while wearing a quality dish washing glove). If not, a trip to the auto parts store for a small tube of silicone grease, a strap wrench of suitable size, and a call to the neighborhood handyman would be in order.

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Thanks laat2. The range has been in use for 7 years but neither bulb has needed replacement until now. The cover on the good light is the same as the burned out one & I can't make either one move in such a way that it starts to loosen; the oven is relatively clean so I don't think that's the problem. I'm thinking a strap wrench might be my next alternative but the real problem is the depth of the oven & the fact that the cover is heavy glass. The older DCS ranges were deeper than counter depth & it can be a bear to reach the back - even for those of us with long arms - & I'd rather not risk breaking the cover by using more force than necessary but it may be the only solution.

I'd love to hear from any DCS owner who has replaced one. Surely I'm not the only owner who has had a bulb burn out.

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Have you tried calling DCS service? They might be able to give you some tips. I have an 8 year old DCS range and haven't needed to replace the oven lights yet so I'm anxious to find out how you fare. I did have trouble changing a bulb in the hood a few years back. I couldn't get the screws out myself. I had a friend come over to drill them out but he was able to get them out with a screwdriver.

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Weissman, I've been saving that for a last resort since F&P didn't make it & it's also a model discontinued long before their takeover. I'll keep you posted.

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I finally got around to buying a small strap wrench; it worked like a charm! (It's perfect for opening jars, too.) The hard part is tightening the strap around the cover because of the oven's depth & the fact that the lights are at the very top, but after that it takes only a few seconds. The cover is threaded for 1.5 - 2 turns & the actual bulb is a 40W clear appliance bulb.

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thanks for the update

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Great news you successfully got the cover off without mishap and also that the bulb wasn't one of those cost an arm and a leg halogen items. Well done!

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Yeah, laat2, I have those in my VAH, but at least they're easy to get to & don't seem to be stuck! Thanks for the suggestion of the strap wrench - I'd never heard of one before.

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Very old note, but just in case someone else trips on this. I read this and couldn't get a strap wrench to work. I was a bit afraid of breaking the glass cover. I called DCS/FPK and they said to take a flat knife or screwdriver and gently pry the glass cover apart from the metal ring it is seated in. Insert the blade at an angle between the glass and the metal ring you can barely see and then move the handle of your blade toward the back of the oven. It's like you are prying the glass out but it won't move. Darn if that didn't work fine. 2 or 3 prys (which didn't seem to do anything to me) and it turned right out. Worked on both of them which were burned out. I think the prying just lets some air in there and breaks the adhesion which built up over time.

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