24' wide and 8' tall closet doors flank front door, 6 or 3 panel?

threeapplesJune 24, 2012

In typing the subject of this post I realized my need for advice is complicated. Here's the situation:

Our front door is a 6 panel and will have a spiderweb fanlight transom and sidelights. The ante room door will have the same transom and sidelights (unless some of you make a strong case for something else). The foyer is dark and so these transoms and sidelights should help. Because of this darkness my husband suggests we have the ante room door glass instead of wood, but I feel as though this will be too much "pattern" with the glass around the door, the rectangular lites of the door, and then we also have a black and white checker floor. Do you have recs on what to do the ante room door in?

Now, the closet doors that flank the ante room door will be 24" wide by 8' tall. This will look terrible in 6-panel because of the proportions, right? Do we do 3 panel instead even though all the doors in the house are 6-panel? What say you, Garden Web?

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Why not a big pane of glass for the anteroom door with top and bottom rails and the stiles the same as the paneled doors.

Three panel on the closet doors instead of six because of the narrow width. Proportion trumps number.

The windows on the top stories of many period houses with 6-6 sashon the lower floors, are 3-3 with a proportion similar to the lites below.

Some have been replaced with 6-6, resulting in a cluttered window with horizontal looking lites.

Proportion is more important, and the width of those panels if you did 6 on such a narrow tall door would be sliver-like.

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i'm worried now about the windows!!!!!

ok, i'll do a 3-panel door for the closets, but the one pane of glass for the ante room door sounds contemporary and sort of commercial even, no? any other options up your sleeve, palimpsest? by the way, i intend to email you via your GW email.

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