Thermador Integrated Refrigerator & Freezer doors hard to close

kim545July 16, 2013

We have a pair of 30" Thermador Freedom Freezer and Fridge Columns with custom panel doors (installed December 2012). I'm frustrated with how hard it is to close the doors of both. We push them and they start to swing and then stop a few inches away. We walk back and push again and again they close a few more inches and stop before fully closing. We pretty much have to push them all the way closed.

I've adjusted the tension of the doors but it hasn't fixed the problem. Does anyone else experience this on Thermador or any other custom panel fridge or freezers? I'm not sure if our panels aren't heavy enough, but I can't imagine they are lighter than any other style of cabinetry (they are Ikea mdf doors - heavier than our walnut cabinet doors). I just don't know if this qualifies as a warranty issue or if this is how the integrated fridge doors, or Thermador fridge doors, work.

On another note, we also have a hard time engaging the touch controls on our Thermador Double Oven panels. We press and press and press trying to turn on, set time, etc... and it can take 10-15 times sometimes to get it to respond to our touches.

Overall, the Thermador appliances do what they are supposed to do very well, look great and we are happy with them. I don't want to call service on stupid issues but they have become more frustrating over time, rather than less frustrating as I had hoped.

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I have a Gaggenau 24" freezer with custom panel.

They are corporate twins to the Thermador columns and made in the same factory.

I had a similar problem.

Factory tech came out.

There were two problems. One was simple. One of the shelves inside the freezer was installed incorrectly and would stick out a pinch and I forced it shut every time I closed the door.

The other problem is that the unit was not installed level. There are adjusters on the bottom of the freezer and the tech adjusted them to make level now the door opens and closes like the appliance showroom.

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I have Thermador integrated 18" freezer and 30" refrigerator. The refrigerator door is pretty heavy and occasionally needs an extra nudge to get it closed, but in general, if you give it a little push it will close on it's own.

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I have the exact models.
The hinges are designed to close the door when all is level. Mine take very little effort. You do have to get the door on its way with a nudge, but not much.
It sounds to me like yours are not level. I installed these myself, and I would say you have a shot that you can get a little wiggle room out of the metal brackets if you wanted to try the feet.
Start by taking a level to the fridge body where the door connects. That will let you know top to bottom level, then across a shelf or the bottom of the fridge. It may behoove you to do this at the bottom and top of the box, and both sides. From there you can adjust the four feet to makeup the difference. If two people are present one can hold the level and the other can adjust in real time to see the impact its making.
If they are bolted in at multiple points by a non-instruction method, they may not adjust well if you start messing with the feet. Good luck.

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