standard height for bathroom vanities?

tomalyseAugust 24, 2007

Is there a standard height for bathroom vanities/sinks? Our current vanity is @ 29" high and will be removed in our remodel. I have always thought it was a little low. My DH thinks that this is a standard height. Advice needed to figure out what would look right and be reasonable for future owner if we sell in a few years.

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My old vanity - 10 years - was 29 too. The "new" standard height is around 33. There is an exact number to it like 33 1/8 or 32 1/8 but it is right about there b/c the fellow told me to add 1.5 inches more for my countertop height and I remember thinking it was around 35 then...

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A lot of people are using kitchen height cabinets now (which normally have so many more functions than a vanity). Standard height with countertops for those is 36" high. They're becoming more and more popular as folks realize they don't need to stoop to use the sink in their bathroom. So with that in mind, you could use just about any height between 30 and 36" and have no problems with your sale.

One thing to think about....if you're using kitchen height cabinets for your bath, remember that the sink mount makes a difference in the final design. I originally had 36" (finished size) planned for our master and changed to a finished 30" cabinet because our vessel sinks were too high up on the higher cabinets.

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We're geezers-in-training so we are going with the 36" height. We are also putting in a comfort height toilet, 36" doors, and a shower without a door that would allow for a "roll in". If we stay in the house forever it is Good to Go for wheelchair access. If we sell it, we can advertise the bathroom as handicapped accessible. Except for those high counters I guess. Unfortunately, my bad back needs them.

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We put cabinet heights in all bathrooms in this house and will do it again. The only problem is small grandkids trying to wash hands!

Small warning: In two bathrooms we used cabinets that were actual vanities. In the master bathroom, because of the configuration, we used actual kitchen cabinets. What no one thought to tell me is that kitchen cabinets are deeper front to back than vanity cabinets, so they stick out a few inches from the tall storage cabinets at each end. I'm okay with the look, but it might be a not-so-welcome surprise for someone else.

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We just had ours raised to kitchen height in a recent remodel. I love them and so does my back and neck. We don't have little ones around very much, but my young neices and nephew aren't too impressed with them. I have to get a cute stool for them.

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Our new master bath vanity is 35" high. And when we do the guest bath we will do the same. It feels comfortable.

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We also chose 36" for our master bath vanity. Old vanity was 32". It felt too low for us. We love the new height.
(We're 5'6" & 5'11")
For our main/guest bathroom, which is used by grandkids a lot, we compromised and chose 34" vanity.

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