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petesmomJune 13, 2012

DH picked out a floor plan. I knew it would need modifications, then I noticed that I didn't like how the great room and the dining room werent "square?" and flooring and furniture seemed difficult to figure out.

Here is a link that might be useful: DHchoice

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I decided to look some more and found one that makes me happy. I think it will need less modifications, if any.

This is the kicker...The second one is less square feet and has a smaller footprint yet the rooms are larger and there is way more storage.

Can anyone explain this to me? I know that stair placement and shape can make a big difference, but that much? Is there something that I am not seeing?

Here is a link that might be useful: My choice

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They actually seem to have about the same footprint, but I think the reason that the second option has more space is that the rooms are square, so all the space is usable, whereas with the first one much of the extra space for the sake of extra space.

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Some people are drawn to odd shaped rooms. Others are made uncomfortable by them. I suspect your DH is thinking about how COOL and different all those odd shaped rooms will look.

However I think you're right that arranging furniture in an odd shaped room can be a big challenge and I doubt your DH is thinking about that at all. If you need a way to convince him that those odd shaped rooms maybe aren't so cool after all, print up a copy of the plan he likes and then cut out some rectangles of construction paper (to scale) to represent the furniture that should go in each room. Then get him to sit down and help you figure out how to arrange the furniture. I'll lay odds that he quickly changes his mind about the plan.

As for the appearance that the "smaller" plan has more storage and larger rooms, bear in mind that on the plan you like, the "bonus space" is not counted in the total square footage. In the plan your DH likes, instead of a bonus room, there is a "game room" upstairs that IS included in the total square footage. If you add the bonus room square footage into the total on the plan you like, you'll see that overall it is a couple of hundred square feet bigger than the one DH likes.

Also, the main floor of the plan you like is about 150 sq ft bigger than the main floor of the one DH likes.

Additionally, While the one DH likes doesn't SEEM to waste space on "hallways," in reality the entire center of the house is pretty much one big circular hallway surrounding that see thru fireplace. That and the odd shaped staircase and huge foyer take up a lot of space that might other wise be used for storage.

Not that my opinion matters in the slightest, but I'm totally with you that the plan you like is better organized than the one your DH picked out. Besides which, the elevation drawing is so much prettier! ;-)

Still, there are definitely some tweaks I would suggest to you plan to make it better.

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I am with you on this one. The angles make an interesting graphic statement on a drawing but in real life you will not experience them the same way, and they will make a number of the rooms difficult to work with .

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I would rescind DH's plan picking privileges.

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In addition to the square footage of the bonus room (as pointed out by Bev), your plan calls BR 4 "optional" so it might not be part of the square footage quoted either.

If you go with the second plan with the open space over the great room, be sure to research how to heat and cool that space. You may need ceiling fans and/or air returns to make sure the great room isn't cold (with all the warm air rising up to the 2nd floor.)

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I noticed on the second plan that the garage is on one side and the kitchen is on the other side of the house! Don't think I've seen that before. That is a loooog way to the kitchen carrying bags.

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I appreciate all the feedback and it makes sense that the more conventional rooms would make more space. It also didn't occur to me that the bonus space may not be included in the square footage. Makes sense though. DH likes the idea of the rooms not being box after box after box.(not to mention that the exterior of DHs pick is ugly)

I noticed the kitchen and garage being on opposite sides of the house too. The only work around that I can think of is to bring them in through the front, sort in the dining room and then directly into the pantry.

The layout of the house is great because the breakfast room and kitchen will get morning light, therefore giving the master suite evening light. Whats better than laying in a bubble bath watching the sun set?

bevangel- I would be interested to see what your tweaks would be. I'm a first timer and the experience here is priceless.

If anyone else has any helpful suggestions I am eager for them as well.

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