Opinions on Shower Tile Installation Issues

EC108August 21, 2012

We just had to have our custom shower completely gutted and replaced due to leaking, which was eventually attributed to the body sprays. We have several issues with the final product, but are not sure if we are being overly picky and would like some opinions.

1. There is some grout missing and a big gap in a tile on the shower wall. There is another tile that is loose to the touch. This I feel is unacceptable.

2. For the crown molding tiles 1/2 of the tiles were grouted on the bottom and were not; this does not make the shower look good or consistent throughout. There are also grout gaps in some of the tiles. The picture below shows an example where the crown molding tiles were not grouted on the bottom.

3. There is a main tile that is not level with the rest in the wall portion of the shower. It is hard to see from the picture below�but the tile is not flat, it protrudes at the bottom past the front part of the wall and goes behind the front part at the top, this looks awkward especially since it is the first thing that is noticed when coming into the bathroom. I feel that this tile could have easily been installed straight with the other tiles. If there was a specific reason this tile was done like this please let us know.

4. A few tile cutting issues that left large gaps. I feel that better care could have been taken to cut these tile to fit or the tiles could have been re-cut when placed in shower and it was apparent that the pieces were not fitting flush. Even if this resulted in us purchasing extra tiles.

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I'm not a tile installation expert, but from your photos that looks really sloppy, especially the bottom photos. Missing grout can be easily fixed, and a loose tile can probably be adhered properly, but the other issues you identified are pretty serious and it looks like the installer is going to have to re-do this. Have you discussed the issues with the installer? Hopefully the tile experts can weigh in on this. You might also want to take this over to the john bridge forum where many tile experts hang out.

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I can understand missing grout. not the best thing, but it happens. Even to me-- where a spot might be missed. Not a problem. call his attention to it, and have him grout it. As for the loose tile, though, that's not at ALL acceptable. I'd like to know how a tile comes loose this quickly. It doesn't bode well for the rest of the shower. Concerning the tile not in place with the rest, again, not acceptable, especially if it's that conspicuous. Have him replace it, no matter WHAT his explanation (excuse) is. Considering the cutting, if that were the worst of the problems, I'd probably say let it go. But considering everything else, I'd be wanting them taken care of, as well.

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I think the job looks like it was done by someone with no tile experience. Very sloppy.

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Unfortunate, as the tile appears to be good quality. Problem is the execution. My biggest concern would be the type of waterproofing used. Do you know what method was used? A "Loose Tile" sends up a warning flag to me.

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Me too. Bigtime.

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