calling architects, designers, and history buffs --bricks

bmh4796June 28, 2013

Hi. My husband is set on brick painted cream for the exterior of our home with blue gray windows and shutters. Only old brick are allowed in our neighborhood UNLESS you are painting brick, which may have been a mistake on the design board's part because it seems like new brick scream "i'm new! i'm new!" when they are painted. what i'm noticing on the homes that are painted brick is that they went with a brick that probably looked old before it was painted because it's a tumbled brick. BUT, once painted, you can pick up on the repetitive machine made patterns of the tumble - similar to what you will see if you look at cheap man made tile trying to imitate natural stone. you can pick out the same tile throughout the room. the more expensive porcelains, however, are really convincing -- another topic for another day.

anyway, the head of the design board is not pleased with the way the painted brick are turning out so he's having them sacked then painted again if they really look terrible. i am determined to find a new brick that still looks old once painted.

so here's what i've found so far. I can purchase a strap if I really get serious about any of them. TRY TO PICTURE THEM WITH A FLUSH MESSY MORTAR JOINT

this one is called Woodbury, but I'm afraid you can pick up on the little indentions being exactly the same on some bricks once painted

i will post the others in the next post because I don't know how to post several pics in one post

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this is called Jenkins Woodbury. i think it's more convincing than the other woodbury

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this is called Burlington. I think this one looks MOST like an Old St. Louis or Old Birmingham brick. The COLOR doesn't vary much, so it doensn't seem old, but the chopped corners seem very much like an old brick. Old St. Louis bricks don't have chunks missing from the middle. That's where I think people are messing up. They think old, so they think that they need to be tumbled with chunks missing, but once they are painted, they look nothing like old brick.

here's a link where you can see this burlington brick in more pictures. it's pretty convincing in my opinion. what do you think?

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this is the same brick as burlington above, but a different color, which doesn't make a difference since it will be painted, but it's a nice looking brick too and sometimes it helps to see it in another color in case the first color was throwing you off when thinking about true old bricks having a little more variation

here's a link to more pictures of it and very up close pictures too variation

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this is the look we are going for but with a thicker mortar joint

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this is one that they are using in the neighborhood and i think that once it's painted, it looks like little bird footprints all over.

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