Did I make my dining room window too small?

lniaJune 4, 2012

So, I have made some adjustments to windows post plans to make them more affordable. Now I wonder If i have gone overboard and am starting to affect the aesthetics of the home too much.

My biggest concern right now is dining room and den windows. They were originally 7 1/2 feel tall and 7 feet wide. I reduced them to 7 feet tall by 6 feet wide. I feel like they look too narrow now. I can still have carpenters change. What do you think? The room is ~ 12.5 inches wide by 17 feet long and the opening between the kitchen nook and the dining room is 7ft wide.

Would truly appreciate your feedback.

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one more picture- front....dining room and den window are the same size....

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It's hard to tell without seeing the full scope from an outside exterior shot. With that said, it's looking like a nice size to me. Are you worried about the appearance from the interior or the exterior? Are you afraid they look too stubby (for lack of a better word) in relation to the rest of the exterior?

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I think it looks fine. Remember that there will be trim, and in a suburban house, window treatments to consider. You will also have furniture on at least one wall. You want to leave a bit of breathing room.

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here is the link of the exterior so far.

Basically, I think the door needs to be as wide as tall. the windows up above (bedroom) will be 5x5.

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