Bosch dishwasher settings

angiebangieJuly 24, 2012

I just got a new Bosch INtegra 500 this afternoon, and I can't wait to NOT rinse my dishes!!! I'm itching to cook something big and messy so that I can use the dishwasher tonight. If I can force my family into being lazy and not pre-rinsing the dishes, what cycle is best to use? Auto or normal? Do you use the sanitize function with every load? Thanks!

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Auto is an allround cycle - I use it like 70% of the time. Our dishwasher also has autoHeavy and Quick Wash, which I use sometimes - that's the other 30%. Sanitary will give you better drying but I don't think you'd need it to sanitize the dishes as such. Dishwasher detergent is pretty strong by itself and reduces bacteria to a save level, I think.

HTH, Alex

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Thanks Alex. I used the sanitize cycle to get a hotter temp because I figured it would help with the drying. I also used the auto cycle, but I've only run the dishwasher once so far. I only had one plastic cup with water on the concave top, but everything else was pretty dry. It certainly dried better than my builder grade Dishwasher that was replaced.

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My sanitize cycle is labeled "Power." I only use it when I wash my range burner heads, grates and vent baffles, which is maybe every two or three months. Otherwise, I just leave it on Auto, even for half loads. My reasoning is that while it's only washing a half load, it's also keeping the interior clean since there's little obstruction in the DW. I usually save up for a full load, so that's only happened a couple of times. I've only used the quick wash two or three times while entertaining. My guess is I'm running the DW 95% on Auto.

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