Is this a false alert?

grandmsMarch 11, 2013

I have the new version of AVAST, and it just finished running a complete scan. Up popped a virus warning for Win32:Malware-gen, regarding nine files. These are located in C:\hp\recovery\wizard\fscommand\ and include eight links or icons with the shortcut arrow on them. The names of these links are App Recovery, Creator, Record now, Restore, RTCD, Run, SysRecovery, and Wizard. The ninth file, also in the hp folder is bin:SetRes. All are .exe files. So far I have done nothing other than run a Malwarebytes scan which showed only one minor PUP, which I had it delete.

I tend to think these are not a virus, but I'll certainly put them in the Chest for safety, just in case. These can be recovered from the chest, right? So, any enlightened opinions about this?

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Several competing products are rated higher than Avast, you may want to give one a try.

If you do, remember to uninstall Avast before installing another program. Having two at the same time can be a problem.

Here is a link that might be useful: PC Mag Anti Virus ratings

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Seems from forums that McAfee and AVG have both been flagging these files as viruses. According to HP, these are necessary files for the restore function. I am leaving them as is. Strange that Avast did not flag them when I ran a full scan a week ago.

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