how to hang a wreath using ribbon?

kks_momDecember 2, 2007

I see this in the magazines all the time, but what do they do on the other side, the inside? Hope I make sense. I bought a new glass entry door this year & my over the door wreath hanger doesn't fit.

Would sure love to hear other ideas. The door is glass so I can't put a nail in it and the clear rubber stick on hanger thingies don't stay stuck.

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Over the door wreath hangers don't work on my doors either. One way I've seen it done with ribbon you you take a long length of ribbon and you loop it under the wreath and through the center hole, bring the ends to meet. Make sure the good side of the ribbon faces out. Then you use tacks to attach the ribbon to the top of the door after cutting it to the length you want (use at least 2 tacks). If you don't want the "inside" of the ribbon to show, double the ribbon so the two bad sides face each other, so both sides are now "good". You could use some spray adhesive to hold then together, but I don't think it's necessary.

This year I got a suction cup at Lowes and used that. It's holding so far.

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Have you tried the 3M Command wreath hooks? I think the sticky back would adhere to glass and they hold up to 5 lbs. They are supposed to be waterproof too and if you got them in green you probably wouldn't even see the hook . Kareen

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Thanks so much, I think I'll try the command hook first and then if that fails I'll try the ribbon thing. I would have to duct tape it to the top of the door, tricky, but that might work. And duh, that's what I meant in my original post, a suction cup. Couldn't think of what it was called!!

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They make magnetic wreath holders for glass doors...they hold really well.

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I 2nd Karen on the 3M Command hooks. I have them on just about every door in my house inside & out. They work fantastic. It's such a clean look compared to those big gold hangers that distract from the wreath.


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I have a glass door also. I use the LARGE suction cup hooks that you have to pull the hook down to get the suction. It works on all my windows also. However, I live in the south and it doesn't get very cold here in December (75 degrees yesterday - beautiful!!)

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Thanks again so much everybody. I stopped at Michael's and checked out the 3M command hooks but the back of the package says it's not for use for temps under 50 degrees F. So, being as I live in the iced over Midwest, that won't work. Then I asked for directions to the magnetic holders. Wierd that they had them in the floral dept. but not where they keep wreaths.

It works beautifully!! What a great idea and I would never have thought of it on my own or even to ask anyone at the store had I not heard of it. The Holiday Forum Rocks!!!

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So glad that you were able to find what you needed kks mom. There is a great wealth of knowledge and experience on these forums, and the members are always eager to share and help. So glad they came through for you this time. Luvs

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Sue's method works very easily....just a loop wide ribbon secured at the very top of the door with a few thumb tacks works beautifully and I really like the look too.

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