JennAir refrigerator relay problem?

david1217July 23, 2014

Pardon this post I just stated my problem and was rejected,when I tried to preview my post . This is a test.

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Hello all my JennAir bottom freezer refrigerator # JBC2088htb has a problem. After 2 days of my research. Cooling fan, coils,passages are clean, not very dusty to start. 8 year old machine this is in an air cooled home 72 degrees. Had to empty all food for safety. Cleaned and emptied started next morning freezer at #12 & fridge at 56 degrees. empty box ran two hours and temps now # 4 and fridige 38 degrees this is correct temps after running 2 hours. PROBLEM when first turned on compressor starts and cools fine but after reaching correct temp when compressor tries to restart their is a chattering noise and no restart this process continues and compressor must eventually restart because unit maintained temp until noise became more obvious and I realized a problem was not the water valve. Could this be the overload relay w/ capacitor causing the problem, is 67005560 was 67003764 the correct part for my unit. Thank You David

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Yep, most likely it is.
are you going to DIY it?


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Thank You dodge59 Gary, I have little knowledge about refrigerators, but a little bump gets me going. I ordered a overload relay w/capacitor # 67005560 for $ 67.oo online Wed eve around 7:30 by telephone from a place in Canton, Michigan about 4 hours drive to South Bend, Indiana paid the FEDEX company $ 9.00 for shipping and it arrived at my door today 7/24/2014 before noon. I installed the parts about 15 minutes to install, now we will see. Thank you for your post. David

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This piqued my curiosity, as I also have a JA and at times wonder if the refrigerator/freezer temps are low enough. I have an old mercury thermometer in plastic casing and check it periodically. So far haven't felt the need to call a repair person.

Not knowing what a capacitor relay was or where and how to change it, I looked it up. Maybe this will help you and other curious homeowners too.

Gary is so helpful for JA owners. Thanks.

Here is a link that might be useful: Replacing fridge overload relay

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Many of the JA fridges have the variable speed compressor which does not use a start relay or a capacitor, so one has to look at the model # to see what type of compressor it has.


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Thanks to all that reply, sadly, things are the same buzzing sound on start up of compressor after temp targets are made #4 frezzer and 38 degrees in fridge part. My model is
JBC 2088HTB. This is a counter depth ,36"wide bottom frezzer with a black case and doors that take wood panels. It is almost exactly 8yrs. old. I was quoted it could cost about $ 800.00 to change compressor with parts and labor. I really like this fridge but think maybe I should buy new. Any suggestions repair or buy will be appreciated David
1st Fisher & Paykel dryer went bad had a motor when 4yrs old now motor ,worn bearings,and control panel, replaced wash & dryer because new style no top load dryer now, then top of line Maytag ss inside dishwasher ball bearing racks and motor noisy. JennAir Induction cooktop control switch had to fabricate new switch support bracket . PS I am pushing 71 yrs old a widower for the last 11years, living alone, remodeling this106 year old house for something to do. I am careful I do not abuse things..Thanks for the Garden Web!

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My 12 year old KA recently stopped working - fortunately it was just a relay - $200 repair with parts and labor. Before he checked it out, the repairman said that if the problem was the compressor it would be about $800 but that he (an independent repair place) couldn't fix it because it was a sealed system and I'd have to get a KA repairman. I might have gone that route if necessary because I really like the fridge, the ice maker has worked well the whole time and it fits really nicely in my kitchen. I really wasn't anxious to get a new fridge - most get really bad reviews these days and I wasn't up for a lot of research.

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How awful David, that's a lot of appliance problems. I'm so sorry. We're fixing up an older home too, and some days I just can't believe how much physical labor is involved. Good for the heart, hard on the muscles.

In terms of should you replace your JA fridge due to it's age and possible cost of compressor, it's a valid question. LG, Samsung, Whirlpool all have decent refrigerators with at least a year of warranty. If you catch them on special or sale, it may well be worth it.

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Well, that's a "Jammer", (Bummer in Dutch), that the relay and capacitor did not fix the problem.

I still doubt it is the compressor, (per say), Why?

From your description of the problem, the compressor "Seems to run ok",
until the fridge reaches "Set Temperature", then warms up again and the compressor "tries to restart".

It could be an "over charged condition" or even air inside the sealed system.
The air will form ice, inside the sealed system, and that ice will impede the flow of Freon through the sealed system and create a lot of "back pressure" to the compressor,
the compressor must overcome that back pressure to be able to start again.

A "Competent" service person, should be able to put high and low pressure gauges
on the sealed system to see what is actually going on, inside it.
He should be able to make the determination as to the proper Freon charge status of the sealed system, as well as determining whether there is ice in the sealed system,
or perhaps a "partial plug" in the sealed system as my Jenn-air had.
(The jenn-Air has worked "Perfectly" after it was repaired, (about a month ago).


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