Hall Bath - Almost finished!

EngineerChicAugust 10, 2012

There have been a few threads lamenting the lack of finished bathrooms posted here ... and although this isn't finished it is pretty close.

First pic: This is the layout of the second floor we added to our house. We used to have 1 tiny hall bath with 3 bedrooms (2 of them were 10'x9' including the closet and sloping ceilings of a Cape, so definitely not palatial). The new second floor has 3 bedrooms that are reasonably sized, a modest hall bath, and a small master bath. I'm actually pleased with how much space & functionality we crammed into our 24' x 34' space. I outlined the space you're looking at in red dashed lines.

You might be wondering WHY we would plan for a window to overlap the tub area. Good question! We didn't. The original plan had this bathroom flipped 180, so the toilet & vanity were on the wall where the tub is, and the tub/linen closet were on the other wall. The waste stack that was in the house didn't quite line up for that, and it was easier to run a new waste stack through the closet in a downstairs bedroom ... if we flipped the floor plan. So we did.

This is the view from the door. We are not done painting, obviously, and haven't hung a TP holder yet (which makes sense, considering we haven't hung the DOOR back on the hinges yet):

Toilet is American Standard, Floor is a vinyl that looks like tile (fools everyone who sees it, they have gone high def on printing vinyl patterns). Medicine cabinet is Kohler. Sconces are from Restoration Hardware.

The tub ...

The shower curtain is from Restoration Hardware (their outlet). I'm not crazy about the color of it with the rest of the room, to be honest, and will probably replace it. I do love the color of the shower curtain itself, though, so I'll slice it into wide strips and use them to add bands of color to some plain white curtains I have for the master bedroom. I'm waiting until I find a shower curtain I like better. Curtain rod is just a Moen curved one, and the curve in it covers the window edge that should have never been in the tub to begin with :)

And the back of the tub:

The niche is a Noble niche. I wanted that one, even though my big bottle of conditioner wouldn't fit. I like having a separate shelf for my razor. The tile is just white 4x4 with a black half-round liner & strips of mosaic from Home Depot. The shower/tub valves are the horribly complicated Kohler Bancroft suite. Yes, there are more controls in this tub than most cockpits, but that's Kohler for you :)

View of the vanity from inside the room. I LOVE this vanity! 2 drawers offer great storage and super organization. The color is hard to see in these pics but it's a darkish mahogany (not as dark as Espresso stain and has a bit of red in it). I bought it off Craigslist. The exhaust fan is on a timer (the weird switch next to the light switch) with 6 different settings (1, 5, 10, 20, 30, 60 minutes).

The paint color was a "custom" mix because I didn't like the color I bought. So I kept mixing in bits of paint from my office until I had a shade I liked.

And a gratuitous shot of the granite. The yard called it Nepal White & its from a remnant. I liked the way it reminded me of flowing water. To be honest, the piece in the master bathroom looks more like flowing water than this one.

So, that's it. I'm already showering & getting ready in there - just not using the toilet (until I hang the door & put the door knob on).

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You put Kohler Bancroft Stacked Thermostatic Valves in a common tub/shower combo?! Oh, what a travesty! When the Kohler Police come and take you away, I will not go bail you out.

But seriously, that bath looks great! I like the color palatte. We also went with a Moen curved rod, but the double one, and I think the same hooks you used. Love them! Also put in a timer similar to yours. Aren't they great! Not expensive at all, but I think the added functionality really adds to the room. The toilet tank shape is a great detail too.

In case I didn't post in the other thread, thanks for sharing your thermostatic valve journey. I really though I was just an idiot that couldn't figure out how to order parts, but it turns out it's the product line that's messed up! Looks like it was well worth the frustration though.

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Oooh! I've been waiting for a reveal from you for a while! It looks great! And, I love the colors (only wish you had a name for your paint color...ha!)

Did you put in a new tub, or use an existing one? What tub is that, if new?

And, I'll have to search for your bancroft post... I'm soon going to be doing this too, and I know NOTHING about these plumbing hardware pieces and which ones to use for what, and why...

Can you explain, or point me in your other post direction? Would love to learn!

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You've got to be very happy with this project. Very nice bathroom. I like the wall tile and trim. The granite is beautiful and can't wait for the more beautiful sister to be revealed. You did a great job on the paint blend, cause you could have come up with mud:) or at least I could have; I never know when to leave well enough alone.
1) what grout did you use, and color, for your white tiles.
2) You have to tell us what vinyl you used (I guess thats a demand not a question ;)

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Kirkhall, that was some other thread we hijacked to vent about Bankroft. Will try to find it. I think the issue was with that specific line, or maybe some Kohler lines in general, not necessarily fixtures in general. I had such a hard time that when I was asking the HD guys about the Price
Pfister set I purchased they thought I was absolutely nuts because the issues I had were not a concern at all with almost any standard fixture set!

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Found it!

Here is a link that might be useful: Our Kohler Bancroft experiences

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Enduring: the vinyl floor is Mannington, the collection is called Alloy, and the color we got was Carbon Steel. For the tile I went with DalTile K101 because it was a white that was close to Kohler white. The grout color is SuperWhite. Even so, the white silicone caulk seems a little whiter IMHO. But only if you're looking for it :)

Kirkhall - I see Williamsem has given you the link to the Kohler Bancroft ranting :) (thanks, Williamsem!). The tub is a plain old Villager by Kohler. It is new, it's cast iron. Not a great tub for soaking because it's only 30"x60" and not very deep ... But it fit in the space and wasn't expensive. In the master bath we got the Kohler cast iron shower base and I really like it (just the looks, still need shower doors so we haven't used it).

Thanks, everyone! I do love having a counter (instead of a teeny wall mount sink) to get ready for work at. Definitely want to finish the space, though. I'm hanging the door today (yay!)

Here is a link that might be useful: Floor link

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Fabulous! Thank you for sharing. I am considering the Kohler villager as well, and thought I recognized it. I am also trying to decide between a tiled pan for our shower, or the Kohler salient line of cast iron pan. So, I look forward to round 2 of your finished bathroom pictures.

Curious, IRL, if there is as much difference in color between the tub and the tile as there appears to be in the pictures, or if the change of plane is exaggerating it?

Keep us posted! Great choices. And, I am sure you are ready to fully enjoy your space!

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Beautiful! You made great use of the space, and cool floor! It sounds like you were able to do the room without breaking the bank. I always like seeing what someone can do by using remnants and shopping outlets, Craigslist, etc.

I'm also looking forward to seeing Round 2. I have a Kohler cast iron shower base sitting in the basement, ready for a September remodel. I'm hoping my contractor doesn't have any trouble with installing it - the directions for the tiling over the flange look a little confusing to me. Did you have any issues on that?

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Very nice! We have a similar situation with our window/tub configuration. We have an old house with a window that overlooked our tub. We ended up adding a shower where the tub previously was, so we had to really be creative with how we incorporated the window next to our shower. I think yours looks great. Congrats on being (almost) finished!

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The tile and tub match really well in person, I don't know if it looks funny in the pic because of the change in plane or because of the HDR function on my iPhone.

It might be awhile before I post pics of the "sister" to this bathroom ... But I did just put the door knob on that door today ;). We are going to refi the balance of the mortgage because rates are so low, which means an appraiser is going to come through so suddenly things need to look decent.

I mean, I actually had to make the dining room look like ... A place you could sit and eat, as opposed to a Home Depot clearance aisle. The things I do to save money . So right now I'm trying for the semblance of normalcy in the house :). Leaves little time to make progress on things like painting and flip flopping rooms of furniture.

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You're very funny :) Take heart, I'm sure your loved ones appreciate all you do. They see the joy this brings you (right?). At least thats what my plumber persuaded my to think when I was expressing embarrassment over some of my extravagant decisions and bold attempts at fixing things up around here. My DH is a penny pincher and I get embarrassed that others may think I'm trying to impress. Plumber just laughed, when I tried to express humbleness that bordered on shame. He looked at me very sincerely and said this is great. I think what he meant was that I could be out gambling and drinking as a hobby, so its ok.

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