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pezabelleDecember 1, 2010

I'm a lurker! I love reading all of the posts here and viewing all of the wonderful pictures and when a question is asked all of the creative minds working to solve the problem.

I have a problem: Mom gave me this wonderful basket and I really want to use it as part of my Christmas decorations. But! What to do with it?

I like the way it reflects the light and the look of the colored balls, but it lacks height. So what do I add to make it the focal point? AS I am kind of a "let's keep it simple" person, well you get the picture. The basket is 16" long by 11" high by 6" deep.

For the fall, I filled it with fall flowers and it was beautiful but the beauty of the glass was lost

All suggestions are welcome and Thank You, Thank You and TY!


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hmmm, well glass is really showcased when light is reflecting off of it so maybe you could use either some battery powered christmas lights with the ornaments on top or battery powered votive with some greens/pinecones arranged in it. If you could figure out a way to place it directly on top or below a light source, that would really highlight the design.

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Hi Belle, I love what Alex has suggested. I may go play and see what I can come up with to help. Beautiful glass basket of DM's. Would be a shame to not use it!


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Maybe try putting a bed of faux snow in it first and then adding the ball ornaments.

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Like OA, I would use some faux snowflakes ...
also for ht try some picks that you like ...maybe berry picks or some tall icicle ornies ... something like that...you could try a rectangular mirror under it...your ornies are cute...but maybe you could try limiting it to 2 colors ...just to see if you like it...needs some lights tho' ... battery pack or whatever ...clear bulbs would be good...see what you think. Jeanne S.

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Hi Belle! I think that your glass basket is being overpowered by the mulit-colored Christmas ornaments. I'd use all silver or all gold balls instead. That way the basket would show better, IMO.

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I'm not much of a designer, but I would be inclined to go with the shape of the basket and emphasize the width rather than trying to add height. Depending on your taste, I might add long glittered branches or perhaps evergreens for a more natural look (or berried branches--great idea, Jeanne!), arranged horizontally. I'd let the ends fall out of the ends of the basket. You might add some similarly-colored balls as Lynn suggested, or maybe pinecones with the evergreens. Certainly the glitter and silver-or-gold balls would emphasize the glass. And you could add lights and snow also.

- Magpie
p.s. Welcome to the forum!

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Thank You All for the wonderful ideas.

I did try using all of one color and that is great, well except for the gold. Never thought of using a mirror to reflect light and color back up. I also think that down lighting or moving the basket to a light area will be better.

Off to try the other suggestions.

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Hi Belle, nice to see you posting here. That's a lovely glass basket. The gals gave you some great ideas to try, when I first saw it, I immediately thought some greenery would set the ornaments off better. It would be really pretty on a table near the windows, maybe with a couple of red candles on each side. You could even set it on a pretty silver tray with some candles and extra greenery and then it would be easy to move off the table if need be. It's very pretty, glad you are going to display and enjoy it. Luvs

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I love glass baskets and have been lucky enough to find 2 at yard sales. I've mostly used mine at Easter so far. Please post a pic of your final arrangement as I'd love some inspiration for how I could use mine.

There is a light base that retailers use that might be useful to light from below. They really make clear glass objects glow. For Chrismas the light base could be partially hidden with greenery or other garlands.

Here is a link that might be useful: under vase lights

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I agree, faux snow would be great. It adds height and glitter which helps reflect the bulbs. Beautiful basket!

Lucky, I came THIS close to buying one of those under vase lights this year!

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