Martha Stewart prelit tree - need instructions

downsouthDecember 2, 2009

How stupid we were last year when we bought a tree at K-mart for a "great" bargain...but we didn't think anything about getting NO instructions, as we bought the floor display.

It's a 9' Aspen tree with the lights already on it. It's really pretty, if we only knew how to plug in all the sections.

Anyone have this tree and would you kindly share the instructions? We went to two K-Mart stores with no luck and we have also written to K-mart.

Thanks, Dee

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What about trying to e-mail the company that made the tree(on box?) or the Martha Co.

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We got an email from K-Mart today with an 800 number for the manufacturer. Hopefully, they can fax us the instructions. If not, I'll be stringing new lights this weekend.

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Hi Dee..I found this older thread from last year here on G'web.
"I just assembled my Martha Stewart tree. It's about four years old and a 7' "slim" tree, which comes in three parts. It could well be that the Martha Stewart badge goes on many different trees from different manufacturers, so I wouldn't be surprised if the connections were different from one tree to another, or one year to another. But in any case, my experience was similar to drjinva's. The wire that plugs into the wall ends in a socket like an extension cord, and accommodates three plugs. It has a little red tag hanging from it saying "please plug in here." There are three male cords, one from each tree section, that have little red tape dots on them. I plugged each of them into the socket. There's *also*, in the middle section, a male plug and a small female plug, neither of which had red dots. I plugged the male into the female, and now the whole tree lights. In previous years I've added an extension cord inside the tree (see my previous post) because the top section cord didn't seem to want to stretch to the socket, but this year I was able to get it all together. I'll still use the extension cord for the extra lights I add.

The box has a phone number on it for assistance: 1/800-813-0206, and it says to call between 8-5 eastern time. Again, though, it's several years old."

Hope this helps, or maybe the phone number is still active..

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I don't have a MS but I number mine with a sharpie so if one of the kids helps take down the tree and unplugs something else I can easily find where it goes.

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