Changing handles on a Kitchen Aid frig

emjay74July 18, 2012

Hi everyone- thanks to everyone's help I've almost chosen all my appliances. So far I have:

Wolf 36in gas cooktop

Advantium Monogram Speed Oven 240

Electrolux Icon 30" wall oven

I am stuck on the frig. We'd a CD FD, and we really want water inside the frig. My KD feels strongly that the handles the oven and the frig should match because they will be right next to each other. But Electrolux does not have a CD FD with an internal water dispenser. Don't think I want an Electrolux fridge anyway with all the problems they've had. If I have to get one, I'll get one with no water. But it kills me that the frig I really want is a Kitchen Aid, maybe I just need to not stress about the handles. At this point, I think the features I want are more important.

But was wondering- Kitchen Aid does have the internal water- and I read somewhere that I could get the ArchitectII with the pro handles. But I can't find any info on that on the net. Does anyone know anything about this? Is it only the Architect II and the Pro that you can do this? Or any Kitchen Aid frig? And does my appliance guy just order them for me?

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I don't think that the handles look that bad together.

I'm getting the Elux non-Icon and a KA fridge, but they are in separate areas of the kitchen.

Here is a link that might be useful: old thread with pics of both together

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Thank you, thank you Cottonpenny! Those pics really helped me a lot.

I'm now struggling between the KA and JA FD. They are basically the same inside. No the handles don't match. But I'm over that. They look fine enough. And the KA SS is much more silvery than the Electrolux wall oven. So if the Jenn Air SS matches better, it's that. If not, we'll save $600.00 and go with the KA.

I am almost at peace with this, and I'd never thought I'd get there. That link was key.

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Glad it helped! I found that thread when I was trying to make the decision to get the KA or Elux ovens since I had already decided to get the KA fridge.

Sometimes I think that appliance salespeople make a bigger deal of the handles than is necessary, since they seem to love to sell "sets" or "packages" of the same brand.

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Have the KA fridge right next to a Electrolux icon double oven (had them since mid may, love them both to death). They both appear to be a good enough match for me, but take a look for yourself

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