FAQ - ryobi rht 2660da hedge trimmer will not start

Bill2755July 24, 2013

I have read much about the problems associated with this particular model and have exhausted all possible efforts but to no avail. The machine was left over the winter with fuel in, but it stopped working at the end of last season when I got to the end of cutting a fairly long hedge. I did not worry about it until this year. I have tried the following things.
1. I have changed the spark plug for a new one.
2. There is a a good spark when held against earth.
3. I have insert a spoon of mixture into the mouth of the spark plug and also tried easy start. The machine shows no sign of attempting to start.
4. I have stripped and cleaned the carburetor and then replace the gaskets available (four in all)
5. I have tried adjusting the idle and fast adjustment screws with the tool provided.
6. I have replace the carburetor with a new one.
I have checked the exhaust and this was full of fuel. Cleaned and dried out.
7. I checked the crank case screws for tightness and all seemed fine.
8. Replaced the crank case gasket and tightened the screws.
9. Tried to get to the flywheel but did not know how to get the clutch assembly (now dissembled) from the bottom of the shaft. Therefore could not get to the flywheel which I understand may have a keyway that has sheared.

  1. Did a compression test and was only getting 50 PSI. I understand that this should be between 75 and 100. However even with 50 I would have thought there may be signs of an attempt to start.

I am now stumped as what to do (apart from checking the flywheel that I cannot get into). The machine bluntly refuses to start or to even attempt to start. I would very much appreciate anybody who could give me further advice

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I think you posted in the wrong area of the site, this is the kitchen section.


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