concrete instead of tile as finish on FLOOR?

elleninmaineAugust 13, 2014

has anyone used concrete instead of tile for floor in bathroom? entry? laundry? NOT kitchen.

considering this idea in order to get the roughness and color that i want

any and all opinions most welcome.


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Slabs have been acid stained. Smaller pours have been pigment in the mix itself.

Using test batches with the formulation carried through to the final pour, you can pretty much guarantee the color will be right on with an integral pigment. Acid staining, it can be hit and miss. You can get an exact color match or you might have to tweak what you get with touch-up applications of stain, as there are so many variables in the formulation, finishing and aging process of the slab.

Consider an epoxy film finish and then topcoating with wax. Waxing is optional.

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We have polished concrete throughout our home and love it. It kind of looks like a gray terrazzo. If you've got pets, it's the best floor you can have.

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I love polished concrete and would get it in a heartbeat for my bathroom but I couldn't find a reputable concrete polisher in my area. My friend had a concrete floor put in on her porch and she thought the guy was great....until the finish started peeling off the floor and there was really nothing that could be done about it.

So my advice is make sure you find someone that comes well recommended and try to get a look at his work if you can.

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We have polished concrete throughout the first floor. Put some integral color in the mix when it was poured to warm the gray up slightly. There's a sealer on it if some kind, but nothing that could peel up.

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