Tea kettle recs for induction cooktop?

CavimumJuly 22, 2012

When we remodel the kitchen and change to the induction cooktop, we'll have to give up our much beloved Revere copper-bottom tea kettle with whistle. ~sobs~

We use it at least once a day. I don't want an Insta-Hot. I like the 'zen' of boiling in a tea kettle.

After reading a gazillion reviews of a bazillion tea kettles, I found three stainless (yet to be determined if they are magnet-friendly) that don't have a notable amount of terrible reviews mixed in with the good reviews.

Do any of you have experience with either of these? Any other recommendations? Thanks!

Vermont Country Store -


Joyce Chen -


Demeyere (seriously too large for us, but....) -


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Calphalon makes an induction friendly tea kettle, at a nice price from Bed Bath and Beyond that works pretty well. The enamel red and green are induction friendly, but I do not think its stainless cousin is.

Here is a link that might be useful: BB+B Tea kettle Link

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Do you want a "pour over" shaped spout or any old tea kettle shape?
I have been using an electric kettle for over a decade now and cannot imagine going back. I even timed my induction (one suggestion was going to be the Le Creuset enamel clad, which work on induction) to the electric and it was close.

Hario makes a gorgeous, albeit expensive pour over spout.
A few other suggestions are here for pour over:

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I use the Deyemere 2-litre kettle to raise the water temperature to where I want it for a particular tea, then steep and store in a Corningware 2 qt tea pot.

I use a timer to avoid over heating the pot and a thermometer down the spout for finesse. However, for those who boil their tea water, this pot could use a steam whistle.


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Bonavita makes an electric kettle with temp. control for very reasonable prices.
I did order the Bonavita for the induction (which it states is induction useable), and it did work, but it took almost double the time to boil water on it (base is not magnetic, but the hob recognizes a pan on it....odd).

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

I have guilt money! Hubby is gone fishing! Thanks for your recommendations! I know I'm bringing back an old thread.

I LOVE my induction cooktop! It's kitchen aid. Took me a while to figure it out, but cooking and cleaning is so very easy, and with the summer heat, the thing rocks!

Typically I don't drink tea, but I plan to start! Research has shown me that I can improve my health and energy drastically by drinking tea made from the leaves of Moringa Oleifera Trees. I have planted 9 of these trees, and now I need an induction friendly tea kettle.

Another benefit of that kettle would be to boil water that I can pour on weeds. Dead! organically!

Going shopping! Bye!

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I bought the LeC Zen teapot as I thought it would be great in my kitchen. I hate it - it spittles water no matter how little water is in the pot. I make it work - but not my favorite purchase...
I do like the whistle - but that DeMeyere is very temp tempting despite no whistle.
I am leaning towards an electric tea kettle despite not wanting one more corded item in the kitchen.
I wonder if scan pan makes a tea kettle - going to go look

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this is one of the best i've seen - le creuset. this model is very comfortable and practical. also expensive.


Although I don't have the Le Creuset above, I do own the one from WMF -

it is very good looking and works with induction although the bottom is thin, is not magnetic (!) but WORKS on induction. paradox.

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I'll pass on a presumed secret here -- induction works on any metal capable of reacting to the alternating field lines of the induction coils. This would include copper and aluminum.

HOWEVER, if the conductivity of the pan is commensurate with that of the induction coil wire, which is probably copper, the heat dissipated in the coils will be commensurate with that dissipated heating the pan, and the coils will slag. Hence, the magnetic sensor is included to ensure that a poorer conductivity metal, namely steel and cast iron, is being used. If there were no sensor to shut the hob off, other non-magnetic stainless steels would probably behave similarly to the magnetic stainless steels. (Similar does not mean exactly the same.)

So, while I can't explain why your magnetic sensor is not shutting down the hob if the pan is truely non-magnetic, I can explain why the hob can heat the pan. DONT try copper or aluminum with a non-functioning magnetic sensor.


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thanks Kas for explaining. The manufacturer explicitly mentions - the vessel is compatible with induction heating but somehow magnet doesn't stick to it. I have to say it takes much longer to heat water in this teapot, and according to your explanation because the heat/energy is being lost in the coils to much greater degree. This prompts me to re-consider using this teapot on an induction surface. The steel it is made of is Chromargan (R) 18/10 steel, but the bottom is rather thin.

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18/10 is (without looking it up to be sure) one of the 300 series stainless steels, so I believe there shouldn't be much harm using it. As I recall, 300 series steels are non-magnetic. Check the cooling air emitted by your cooktop when using this vessel and compare its temperature with using some other vessel to double-check that the coils are not running excessively hot. In any case, if they were the cooktop should be designed to shut down.

If the vessel material poorly concentrates field lines, i.e., isn't very inductive, perhaps because it is too thin, the heat generated in the coils will be less than with optimal vessel material due to poorer coupling on the other side of the virtual transformer that is the induction circuit. However, overall, the efficiency of heating the vessel will be worse than otherwise. That is, the waste heat is lower, but the waste heat fraction is higher.

I have an old Revere Ware pan labeled 1L/2Qt [must have been a pre-metric liter or pre-Elizabethan quart, but I'm pretty sure one can't put 2 qts into it]. It is thin stainless steel (probably 400 series) and at least modestly magnetically susceptible. It brings water to a boil reasonably fast (2m20s at 80% fill).

Maybe your vessel was made by Cro-Magnons who were poor spellers.


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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

For many, many years I used a tea kettle on my stovetop. However, about 3 years ago, after a lot of research and finding that the electric kettle actually is quicker than stove top or microwave for heating water - thus saving electricity, I bought the Breville at the link below. I absolutely love it and so do all family members.

When making anything that requires hot water, we heat the water in the Breville and then add to the saucepot and turn the stove on. Saves lots of time.

I highly recommend you consider the electric kettle.

Here is a link that might be useful: Breville Electric Kettle

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