Internet Explorer Problem

rangr90March 9, 2012

I cant get into IE when i click on it or any of my anti-virus or malware programs. Anything that works on the internet cant get on. I have a Dell desktop with XP Pro Hard wired to the router. I also have a laptop wireless and that works perfect so its not my provider. Can anyone help me with this?



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Maybe from control panel .. Users
Make yourself a new login name with admin rights.

restart & login to the new user account ... run some virus & spyware scans.

Free ones from & are both respected by many.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I am afraid you have one of the rogue infections and if that is the case please do NOT run any type of programs especially any that would remove any type of files especially temp files because these rogues hide your files as temp files and if you run anything you run the risk of deleteing your actual files. To fully remove this nasty from your pc please go to the link I am providing, register there, and post a new thread in the area I link you to. Do not follow instructions you may find there that sound similar to your problem each person needs their own instructions. The team there is wonderful and will work with you to rid you of the problem. If you need help getting there let me know I am there also.

Analysis and Malware Removal
that forum has helped many others from here and elsewhere to clean completely their infection.

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