Where does one buy tubs, vanities, etc?

jamesfjamesfAugust 15, 2012

HD and Lowe's had crap, furniture stores have no bathroom depts, and I want to inspect things before I buy them so online isn't my first choice. Any "bath showcase" places near me seem to be attached to plumbing supply shops and have very little variety.

Am I missing something? Are there really no large bath showrooms? I'm near Nashua, NH if that matters..



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i looked at plumbing supply shops with large showrooms and also at builder supply and high end remodelling showrooms. I found, in both cases, that the staff were really not very helpful so I had no problem whatsoever taking my business online once I found what I was looking for.

I ended up getting a Neptune tub from TUBZ.com. Koren spent HOURS with me on the phone explaining and helping me and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

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We are lucky enough to have a TUBZ showroom close to us here in Northern CA. We spent 4 hours sitting in tubs! They have over 400 in showroom! Tubz had the best price too! Keep searching for tub showrooms! It makes a huge difference sitting in them!

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For vanities, check with cabinetry dealers. Most manufacturers of kitchen cabinetry also have lines of bath cabinetry.

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jamesf, I'm located in Seacoast NH. We are just finishing up our master remodel. Vanity came from kitchen designer we used for kitchen remodel 3 years ago. Hardware and fixtures came from Restoration Hardware and a local plumbing supply store (Standard Plumbing in Portsmouth). We also visited a Ferguson showroom in Newton, MA. They had a very large selection on display. I believe FW Webb has a showroom in Nashua.

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I went to Salem Plumbing in Salem, MA. They were awesome.Also, there are some great online resources I used as well. FaucetDepot and FaucetDirect

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Sometimes your reputable/fairly local HVAC/Electrical/Plumbing type stores that cater to the trade will have a separate fixture gallery to display their pretties like showers, toilets, shower doors, lighting etc. Their "main" store may be more warehouse type that has all the ugly plumbing, electrical, HVAC type stuff. There is a Kentucky based company like this that is my go-to place. They have a gorgeous fixture showroom.

I agree - cabinet dealers are a good source for vanities.

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Draw a picture of what you want and take it around to a few local cabinet makers and get quotes.

You might be surprised.

Plus then it can be ANY size/dimensions.
No need to get a one-size-fits-all vanity.

You could make it higher, or narrower, or whatever best fits your space.

Good Luck!

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