Some more Porch & Woodland Decor

jeannespinesDecember 10, 2010

Yeah, I can post some pics now! Thanks Web guru!

Here's that new woodsy Santa that I showed you & this is a night time shot of the Woodland vignette on my porch:

I added a couple pinecone candles & a small metal pinecone, a "furry" outfitted snowman in the tree lamp, the little wood lighted cabin I purchased some yrs bk in MN, a white berry garland, wooden snowshoes ornie (leanin' against tree lamp) & a potted faux tree w/pinecones..>I've used most of this in other "Up North"'s close-up of snowman:

One more pic with the light turned on...note that his original "staff" is gone & I have given him a Curly Willow walking stick:

Here's wood wall shelf on porch that my DH made from old barnwood some yrs's home for the snowmen & families:

Close-up of bottom shelf...the family one is new last yr from one of DD's:

Gotta love snowmen if you live in IA! TFlookin'! Jeanne S.

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Oh, I forgot a pic...this is the "ice skating rink" lit up at night ...used tripod so could get a pretty clear's a metal feed tub with hole drilled in side & piece of plexiglass cut in a circle to fit down in a bit (thanks to DH), clear blue cellophane on the glass & faux snow on snowmen & a few acrylic ice cubes & deer:

Sits on floor by porch tree. Jeanne S.

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OMGoodness, I love that little cabin all lit up, it's precious. The entire vignette is perfect. The snowmen look so cozy, if snowmen can be cozy that is. Those little stars peeking out from the window are really sweet.

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I love it all! As all of you probably know, I'm heavy into rustic. I like your cabin very much, and the tree lamp (have to show those to DH in his woodshop...).

I also like the woodland Santa and the way you've arranged things. You have a real talent. I think the snowman collection is great, and how clever is that "ice skating rink"?

- Magpie

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I'm running low on words,

hugs, Karen

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Jeanne..that porch is a perfect setting for your Woodland Santa Vignette..What a cozy glow from that little wooden cabin.
The shelves your DH made are just pefect to display your
'Snowfolk Family'. I'm so glad you showed your 'Ice Skating Rink' again...I love that, especially seeing it all lit up. Such a clever idea.


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Hey, that little wood cabin is darling. I love the entire vignette, but my eyes went to the cabin immediately. As usual, all your arrangements are lovely.

Love the floppy snowman collection.

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Jeanne, Your Woodland vignette is wonderful. The Floppy Snowmen are cute as can be, and The Ice skating rink is a delight. So much fun to look at it all.

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Jeanne, beautiful decorations and pictures of them. Your snowman on the lamp is so cute there. Love the tree and your santa and cabin. Such a wonderful vignette. Your dancing snowmen caught my eye too.

You have a great snowman collection and they all look so nice the way you set them out. Did you personalize your sign on that bunch? Wonderful choice on your snow pic above them. Your skating rink lit up is very pretty.

Always enjoy seeing your decorations.


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LOVE Love love everything about both vignettes - while I love all the glitz and glamor of most decorations I am so at peace when I see the simple rustic vignettes - there is just a calmness about them - TFS .....


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Marlene Kindred

Just beautiful Jeanne! Love all of your snowmen and your ice skating rink is just adorable! How clever is that!

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Thanks for your comments frou, magpie, PM, jane, OA, nana, punk, lynne & marlene...appreciated!

punk, the snowman family was a gift from oldest DD last came to me "personalized." Isn't it the cutest! And I love that bushel baskets winter print...I bought it after Christmas sale a few yrs back...thanks.

That furry, floppy snowman I used on buffet decor he found a new home with the woodsy Santa!

Blizzard today/tonight & probably thru I did get the porch decor finished up today...things are mighty messy around here...but last plastic tub unloaded! (don't ask how many I store in the garage!) Now for putting some stuff away I didn't use, clean up ...& then getting down Winter dishes & putting some other dishes away...what fun though hard work! Enjoy your weekend! Jeanne S.

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I have to agree that your santa looks better with his new staff--the other was just too fancy and detracted from him a bit I think. Your little cabin all lit up along with the pinecones just makes me think of a cabin up in the mountains, all warm and cozy inside. Of course, I love your snowmen, don't they just make you smile? But your ice skating ring is my favorite of all--what a cute idea.


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