Mirror mastic removal

jimlaAugust 16, 2009

The 30x36 inch plate glass, powder room mirror is glued to the wall, no frame. Need to remove as part of remodel. I suspect something like Liquid Nails or simialr was used. Any special way to remove? Or is drywall removal the only way? If i try to pry an edge, even after scoring the wall surface around the mirror edge, I am afraid I will crack the mirror and who needs bad luck these days! Mirror does not need to be saved.

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Mirror mastic is tough stuff. The kind I have encountered is black, tar-looking stuff that gets quite hard over time.

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Tape the face of the mirror with duct tape.

Then I'll run a piece of piano wire behind one edge and saw it through the dollops of mastic.

A helper could heat the dollops of mastic (by heating the face of the mirror) with a heat gun (careful) or hair dryer (tedious) to make it more pliable.

The usual cautions apply.

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