APC battery backup problems

sugar_flMarch 26, 2011

I bought an APC backup & it has a CD to install but when I try I get an error message.

Of course the help # is closed for the weekend.. I hope maybe some of U know what the problem is.

I'm pretty sure it is hooked up right. Is it protecting my computer?

Thanks for any help,


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Do you have the UPC connected to the computer via the USB cable? Is the connection good on both ends of the cable?

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I'm assuming you have:
1) Connected the backup to the computer with the appropriate cables? And you have connected directly to a USB port without going through a hub? And you are using a power cord if the unit has one and it's necessary?
2) Checked to make sure this software edition is compatible with whatever your operating system version is?
3) Have read the install instructions and release notes for the backup?

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APC's desktop software allows you to communicate with the UPS via a USB cable to change settings, get the status of the UPS, and most importantly allows for an orderly shutdown of the operating system should the UPS run out of battery power.

From the message, I'd suspect that you don't have the UPS connected to the computer via a USB cable. Before you run out for a cable, you might want to look at the UPS. There are two kinds of USB cables A-A and A-B. The A connector is the rectangular one, a B connector is square (and most often used for printers). My APC UPS uses an A-B cable. Buy the cheapest cable you can find.

A connector on the left, B connector on the right.

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AHA a lite just went off in my head.. They gave me one. I've had this for a couple of weeks & wondered what that cable was for then completely forgot about it..They were in different places. This isn't my 1st APC but the others didn't have a cable. The instructions were not good at all. Now I need to pull the APC to the front & connect it... That isn't an easy job but a strong cane (my late husbands) helps & the metal yard stick(was his again is a big help. This desk is not made to be easy to hookup things..it was his again. I had to leave my desk in VA when I moved.
I will turn the computer off before I do this.
I knew I could depend on all of U..Thanks guys (and gals)

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That was easy..Only problem which isn't really a problem is I had to connect it to the front..I've ran out of USB ports.
I have a hub but afraid it is too old. I have had it for about 10 years. Is it good on this Win 7 computer?

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The hub may be good, but if it's that old, it might be USB 1.0, which would be slow. I wouldn't hook up the UPS through a hub.

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bp I believe it is a 1.0..that is why I haven't used it. It was bought for my 98 computer. WalMart here doesn't have any so I'll have to order it. NO, I would put something like the speakers or printer on one. Plug & play is good but needs
more USB ports (guess that's what they are called.)

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I might suggest that a metal yard stick and computers (or anything with electricity) aren't a good mix. There's a chance you'd short something out and damage yourself or your computer. Use a wooden yard stick. ;-)

And, yes, try to connect the UPS directly to your computer via the USB cable.

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I already thought of that but all I'm doing is pushing the cord through on the floor.. then I get it & plug it in. I don't have a wood one. I don't come in contact with the computer at all. I can't move the desk & can't reach behind without help. I need help in both direction.. There is so any wires it is hard to drop them down as the desk is close to the wall.

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If you ever decided to purchase a new hub consider a powered model rather than a model that just splits for multiple sources.


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