Norman Rockwell Santa

christmascandyDecember 22, 2013

I found some cute Norman Rockwell ornaments at a thrift store(.99 for 2 boxed ornies.) Then as I was looking through Christmas cards I had received, I found a card that matched one of the ornaments!

Up to my craft room to look through frames that I pick up at TS's when I find nice ones at good prices. Found a frame that had a double cut out mat. Covered one opening with the card as it was not quite large enough to see all of the card if I placed the card behind the opening. Then I covered the area behind the second opening with black felt and mounted the ornie on that. Cleaned the glass and framed the result.

I hung it with a plaid ribbon and am happy with how it turned out.

Merry Christmas,

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Beautiful !
Well it looks like that ornament was just
waiting for you because it knew that card was coming! lol
Such a great idea..and now a wonderful keepsake.
You are so crafty & clever...

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How lovely!! Once again your ideas amaze me. :o)

hugs, Karen

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That is one I haven't seen!! I didn't think that was possible. I have ornaments/tins/plates/cards/gift bags/books with every Christmas scene NR painted--I thought. Thanks for sharing!!

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Candy, what a neat project this turned out to be. Love it. Will b so fun
to hang every year. I think the frame painted black would be awesome.
Like you don't have anything to do. I know you like to paint tho.haha


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Wonderful idea, candy ... & making the mat work! Looks great...I'm w/punk on the black frame idea to match the velvet. ;-) (you didn't ask but we're always here to "share" ~~giggle). TFS! Jeanne S.

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Wow Candy.
this is such a great project.
I can't think of anything to say,
that the others haven't already said.

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Thanks ladies.
Punk, there is a wood inlay around the opening of the mat that matches the frame. If I painted it black, it would disappear and not showcase the opening, and if I paint the frame black, it won't match the mat.
I understand what you were saying, but the inlay doesn't really show up in the photo, so the black does seem like a good idea, unless you see it in person.

Happy New Year,

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