Tub glass doors suggestions

elk2000August 8, 2012

We are planning to put glass tub doors for our small modern bathroom remodel. I really like frameless doors like Dreamline Enigma x or Vigo VG6041CHCL6066 60" door, they look very similar with specially designed rollers on top. The only thing that's stopping me from ordering one is that both doors have a fixed panel and sliding door. I'm not exactly sure how convenient this is, having only half of the door open. Should the fixed panel be placed where the plumbing is (that's what I saw on pictures), but then it makes awkward to turn on the water. Also, looks like cleaning the tub / trims is not straightforward either.

Does anyone have this kind of tub door with fixed panel? How useful this is?

My second choice is Maax Gondola. It doesn't look as beautiful as the above ones, but it has 2 sliding doors.

Any suggestions?

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I'm eagerly hoping for answers along with you! My questions are identical to yours, and I like the same style.

Awkwardly, my tub/shower end with the handles is very close to the toilet, so I'm uncertain how to deal with it. You're right about turning on the water to get it to the right temp. We need those handles available.

I think we could certainly reach over to turn it on.

Good luck to us both!

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This from my end is part of the problem with buying things like shower doors "online". You need to visit the showroom of a local glass company and speak to them about your setup and what your trying to accomplish and let them recommend the solution. These types of showers are "adjustable" by differing the overlaps in the glass as opposed to a glass company which will do this the proper way and have it made ti fit you opening and more often than not the price for a local glass company to measure, have it fabricated and installed will be in the same region as getting one of these online and having a different contractor or plumber install. Yes I work for a glass company and we do shower doors, we also have most of the local plumbers come to us to sell measure and install the correct product the correct way.

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We did get a few estimates from local companies, they ended up at least twice as much in price for frameless door that swings open. The design doesn't work for us because the bathroom is narrow, so the only option is sliding door. As for installation my DH is quite handy, so we plan to do our own installation.

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