nana2010_gwDecember 29, 2010

I've been putting this village up for years. It has seen many changes over the years. The small village is the left overs from the original, because it was too crowded in this setup. Not to mention that I keep buying things because I think they are cute. Am I the only one who does this? LOL !!


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OMgoodness, nana! I love all the pine forests in the top row...the backgrd to the village! Oh, this is quite must have alot of patience! ... it sure shows that's it's a lifetime collection! (& no, you're not the only one who keeps adding ++++ ...the "Enablers R Us" on this forum keep things moving right along!)

Is this village on a tabletop, shelves or what? I love those 1st 2 pics, esp.! TFS! Jeanne S.

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**slowly raising hand** I have over 200 building at last count. This year I only put up my NormanRockwell ones that I got from JoAnn Fabrics several years ago and my Putz village - next year I plan to put up the entire village again. I miss not having all my 'little' people out and enjoying the holidays in their town

looks like you have quite a set up there - very nice - TFS .....


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It's wonderful! I think traditons, such a putting up a Christmas village, adding to it over the years and sharing the joy it brings to you and others is simply wonderful.

It's this very decorating tradition that allows you to put your stamp on the holidays in your home. It's special!

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Lovely setup, and like Jeanne I really like all the trees--looks just like a forrest behind the village. Your waterfall is so neat too. I'm so glad you shared it with us Nana. ;o)


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Oh WOW...what a set-up. I am having serious Village envy here! The 3rd and 6th photo....oh WOW again!
You said "Not to mention that I keep buying things because I think they are cute. Am I the only one who does this? LOL !!"...
well this Forum probably wouldn't exist if we all weren't inclined to do just that sort of thing! ;o)

Lynne, I think some of your Village photos from last year are in our Village album. I can't imagine having over 200 pieces to set up. But that would be amazing to have.

I would love a Village with a train running around it. Not one of those modern trains, the old locomotive kind. (can you imagine Jazz aka Trouble if he had a train to chase and derail tho? LOL)

hugs, Karen

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Karen - my villages started out being accessories to my late husband Lionel trains (he was a train collector) - he had Plasticville when we got married for his village and then the first year Dept 56 was available he bought me 3 pieces of the New England Village and the rest is history - my husband laid the track and I worked around that with the village - he would be able to run 6 trains at a time and we used both living room and dining room for the display. Our house in Delaware was a must see stop for the neighborhood kids during the Christmas holidays. After their daddy passed away in 2003 my two children have divided up the trains but I still have all the village and accessories and have built on it. My now husband loves to carry on the tradition and is my biggest 'enabler'. I have had villages ever since 1965 in one form or another and now my children also carry on the tradition :) .....


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Your village is amazing. I keep going back up to see more. I have started collecting the villages for DGD but after seeing all the neat people, trees and animals this year I need to get buying alot of other things to go with them.

How long does it take to set up all of this?

Lynne and Karen, now I need to go see all the villages in the I remember Jane's from last year and it was fantastic. I will be on the look out for a train also. We had several as kids so need to talk to the bros and see if any of them still have them and want to give them up.haha Loved reading about your village tradition, Lynne.

We are having a severe storm here. I don't remember the last time it was this bad. It is emergency travel only so may take a few hours off in the morning and open late. Most of the businesses closed early today but we were to busy to close. They hadn't plowed the roads tonight and there was 5 in the ditch on my way home. DH will head out with the V plow first thing in the morning to get through some of the drifts.


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Thanks everyone for your comments. Jeanne, The village is set up on a table. the 'mountain' is on a platform that my DS was kind enough to build for me this year. The Road, alongside the river, going up to the mountain is also is also a platform of sorts. Lynne,I'm going to look in the album to look at your village You have over 200 pieces that's amazing!! I know many of us keep buying things. I was just being funny. It took me 3days to set it up this year because I kept taking it apart and changing the set up. Then my son made the mountain platform and that extended that space by 2ft. I think my little villagers are enjoying the holiday season. I'm sorry that the lights are so glaring in some of the pictures. My Husband really enjoyed the village and he liked to help me pick out pieces for it. Punk I'm sorry about the storm.The weather has been wicked all over the country this winter.

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Looks Great! I love the shadow of the trees and animals best. Nice Job!

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Your village looks great. I love my village, but I just got too darn sick to take it out this year. I'm going to use it for sure next year. It's a lot of work, but I love seeing all the people on their way to Christmas duties.

The shelf/platform was a great idea!

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