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davejaymeJune 10, 2013


My wife and I are planning on building our retirement home in 2 or 3 years on a lake in Virginia. We have already bought a lakefront property and are going there nest week to have an initial talk with several builders, an initial informal type meeting. One of the builders is a Viceroy homes builder. We have looked at their catalogue and liked what we saw, but we feel that they are out of our price range. We plan on a 2800 or so square foot home, 1400 main level and 1400 walkout finished basement. We figure we will have from 325k to 350k to spend. We may be starting early but from what I have read on this forum probably not. Does anyone have experience with a Viceroy home or an opinion on this type of home versus stick built? thanks in advance for any help

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Have you checked them out with the BBB, Angie's List, etc? I googled Viceroy just now and found what appears to be a lot of web sites complaining about them...I don't know if that's a normal number of complaints, though.

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gladys1924. thanks for the reply. I did google them and saw some complaints, but I wanted to see if anyone on this forum had any personal experience. The information that I have seen on this site has been impressive for someone just starting out on this house building journey and I would feel more comfortable with someone's opinion here than some random complaints.

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Never heard of them.
You might do better posting on a Virginia message board.

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Actually I believe that they are based in Canada and distribute their products throughout North America, but thanks just the same

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I had never really heard of them but I passed a sign for them today in a suburb of Seattle.

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Guess they do exist. Fortunately we are also meeting with 2 other builders next week for a first time meet and get to know each other. Thanks MFatt16

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We too are planning to buid on a lake in Virginia and I have been looking at the Viceroy company. Would be interested to know how your meeting went and your impression of the company. I understand from the office in Charlotte that there are several Viceroy homes on Smith Mt. Lake.

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As it turns out we are going to build at Smith Mountain Lake. We had an initial meeting with 4 builders, one of which was the Viceroy rep. There are numerous Viceroy homes on the lake, but for the most part it seems like the local builders build homes that resemble Viceroy but are not actually Viceroy homes. The local builder who does Viceroy homes, does more homes that are not Viceroy than are Viceroy. He was on of the 2 out of 4 builders that we really liked, Viceroy not withstanding.

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