best hand vacuum?

molossermomJuly 3, 2013

I'm looking for a quality cordless hand vacuum that is light weight, quiet (comparatively ) & has enough suction to pick up everything from cobwebs to doggie kibble . I want to be able to lift it over my head and carry it up and down a ladder with ease. Also preferably wet /dry capable .Does anyone know if such a dream machine exists?

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you vacuum your hands? why not just use some soap and water?

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Mol- I have tried many brands of cordless vacs without much luck. I think you aren't getting answers (except for the silly remark above) as others have the same issue.
I have done better with B&D than shark but none are great or last long.
There are some light weight corded models that might work better. If you are climbing up a ladder, do it right the first time and will need to repeat less frequently
Let us know what you find

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I can't recommend the E-lux Ergo-Rapido highly enough. I keep one on every floor of the house. The charger can sit on the floor or hang from the wall. It will clean hardwood and carpet almost as well as a big vac. I rarely pull my Hoover upright out now.

When you want the hand-vac, just push one button, and it pops into your hand. The hand-vac then has two extra attachments -- a little brush for upholstery and a concentrator attachment for cracks. Mine are at least seven years old now and going strong.

If cost is no option, they make an extended battery version which is well worth the extra money. I can vac my whole house with that one.

The only downside is when the batteries stop charging, you theoretically have to toss it as replacement isn't possible -- however, some hot dogs on the 'net have videos showing how you can get round that.

Here is a link that might be useful: E-lux ErgoRapido

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I second MizLizzie's recommendation of the Ergo Rapido. I got mine at Costco.

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The August issue of Consumer Reports rates hand vacs and stick vacs.

Hand Vacs: these were the recommended top 4, and they all weighed either 4 or 5 pounds. None were tested for wet use.

1. Shark Perfect Pet II SV780 - cordless
the next 3 are corded
2. Eureka Easy Clean 71B
3. Black & Decker DustBuster HV9010P
4. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 33A1

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I read that just last night. I was surprised the Electrolux was rated middling. My experience over time has been so good, esp. with the extended battery version. The Shark sounds interesting.

Maybe it's just me, but I would never use a plug-in hand vac. I just wouldn't. If I have to slow down long enough to plug something in, I'm getting out the big dawg Hoover for a full vac.

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I went with the corded Eurika that Consumer Reports likes so well. It is a powerhouse with a good vacuum combined with a virourous rotating brush. A bit heavy for overhead use though. Has a small Hose section that lets one suck up stuff from tight crannies. If you can stand the weight, I give it my tops recommendation.

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MizLizzie - I'm not sure I read your post correctly - when the batteries stop charging you have to throw away the entire vacuum on the E-lux Ergo-Rapido?

Here are the top 4 Stick Vacuums from the Aug. issue:

1. Hoover Flair S2220 corded

the next 3 are cordless
2. Hoover Platinum LiNX BH50010
3. Shark Navigator Freestyle SV1100
4. Dirt Devil Accucharge BD20035RED

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Yes, when the Ergo's batteries will no longer charge up, there is no way to purchase a new battery. That's my understanding. Something may have changed. I wrote E-lux and complained about it because, from an environmental standpoint, that bothers me. IIRC, they offered to sell me just the hand-vac module, but that's 80% of a new unit.

On the other hand, my 2 regular ones are just now starting to fail after many years. My long-life version is too new to judge.

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That's good to know. I'm in the market for a stick vac to keep in my laundry room. I'll keep that in mind as I shop. Thanks

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Hi and thanks for all the replies, aside from the first one (boy did that push a button!) Oh the reason I wanted to be able to carry it up a ladder is I want to be able to do more than just sweep or push the cobwebs out of the way when I change the filter for the a/c which is in the attic (and I dread doing) Now that I have some names and models #'s and a Costco card; IâÂÂm that much closer to finding my dream machine. Yup , not being funny; it would indeed be my "dream machine " after years of trying to make sure I didn't miss a slobbery bit of kibble that either got flung ...well somewhere after not being quick enough with the slobber towel (keep in mind these guys take two minutes max to eat and there's two of them). Then the hair, People complain about cats shedding well imagine what a two hundred and fifty lb dog can shed (whom already loves the big shop vac he might just steal the hand vac ha.) Of course my griping is just griping, I love them and there's nothing I wouldnâÂÂt do for them's just my back could use a hand. So thanks again for the suggestions and apologize for my delayed response. I'll update this and let you all know what I end up getting.

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I can also recommend the ergo rapido. They do seem to wear out eventually but all around it is better than the Hoover version we tried (Lynx, I think?) the best one of all hasn't been mentioned here - the Dyson stickvac. Awesome pickup power - we use it multiple times a day in a small house with 2 messy kids. The big downside is that it is super pricey, maybe 350ish although they seem to regularly have 20 percent off sales.but any time I've had an issue or question, Dyson customer service has been really helpful.

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Debbi Branka

I recommend the Dyson stick also. Bought it almost a year ago, and got my DD one for mother's day. It's an amazing machine! It doesn't pick up wet though - just dry. It picks up Christmas tree needles amazingly! And kitty litter that's tracked on the floor. And everything in between!

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I would recommend the Dyson DC34 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner. This is a killer handheld and I've used it to suck up everything including spiders! They are on the pricey side for a handheld but this is by far the best one I have used and it has lasted us about 4 years with no issues so far.

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I think, best handheld vacuum is the B&D chv1510 when you consider all the factors. It has a suction that is superior to all and competes with Dyson and that's the crucial thing when you are dealing with hand vacs. The price is reasonable, battery is strong and it's incredibly lightweight. In fact, it is one of the lightest vacuums in the world. It's not wet/dry but then again nothing is perfect.

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