Can I use an oven liner on bottom of Electrolux?

zackinJuly 28, 2013

Visiting relatives recently told me that they use silicon mats made to put on the bottom of ovens. They said they are similar to Silpats that many use for baking purposes. Nothing sticks and the oven stays clean.

I know that I absolutely cannot use aluminum foil to line the oven floor, but can anyone tell me whether a silicone mat would harm it?

My oven is a brand new Electrolux Wave Touch 30" wall oven.

Thanks in advance.

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Read your manual - I wouldn't do it unless you get the blessing directly from Elux...

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No, please don't use a liner on the oven bottom. Silicon melts at around 500F, which the oven will reach easily. And don't ever use aluminium foil as a liner, it will melt and you'll never get it off.

I have the Wave Touch 27". In a year of heavy use, it has performed flawlessly. We never use the self-clean cycle, on the advice of others on this forum as well as the Elux repairman who came to the house to check whether the temperature was correct (it was).


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I wouldn't use a liner either.

I have an Elux range, and it's actually really easy to clean off the oven surface with a wet paper towel and a few tiny drops of dishwashing liquid. I've also learned to use a piece of parchment under things like frozen pizza so that they don't drip-- that helps! I think a full 90% of the gunk in my prior oven was from that stuff.

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Thanks very much for the advice. I'll leave my oven naked.

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