Fridge/wall oven placement

BarbaravJuly 5, 2013

I just read in another thread that it is NOT advisable to place a refrigerator next to a wall oven. Is this true? I see pictures of it all the time and was considering this in a new layout. Thanks.

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It is not ideal.

People make choices that are not ideal all the time.

There are always heat shields.

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Deeageaux, is a heat shield extra insulation between the appliances that is put in by the cabinet maker.
Another thought, I wonder if this placement can void a warranty?
Thanks .

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It is extra insulation put in by the kitchen installer. Could be the cabinet maker or not.

As far as voiding warranty I have not read this voiding a warranty. But you should read the install instructions of the fridge you are considering. In the fridges I was considering, mostly built-ins, they simply required x amount of space for the compressor to get sufficient air.

These are routinely ignored by people too. They install free standing fridges enclosed in cabinetry to look like built-ins and then complain when the compressor dies in 3 years or so. Then they say " they don't make 'em like they used to."

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deeageaux, having never bought a new refrigerator is it possible to encase a free-standing fridge with enough "breathing" room to keep the compressors from burning up?

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