Winterfrost Dishes Decor & More in DR & Kitchen (pic heavy)

jeannespinesDecember 10, 2011

Dishes & glassware! Got it down out of top cupboards & out for the Winter:

Here's countertop Santa/Sleigh decor...pcs I found last yr & displayed due to 'Enablers 'R Us' on this form ...all FM finds & big %off silver tray...Christmas decor:

Another fuller view w/framed tap dance pic & silver bird napkin rings...those I did buy new last yr...they are very pretty:

Top of pottery snowmen & Winterfrost big bowl...I use it for punch bowl over Christmas:

Winterfrost bowls & plates on the divider counter in my kitchen...they'll stay out til March or whenever Spring fever hits the hardest! LOL! We use them for everyday during this time.

Full view of countertop:

And some cups & little polar bear spread knife:

This yr I put the Winterfrost stems on top of the sliding glass doors shelf in the Dining Room...remember I found the goblets at a consignment shop (& jumped for JOY!) & last yr came across the dessert stems at GWill!

Here's a full view ...added individual place setting S&P shakers up there, too...I'm not sure if this will be tweaked anymore...seems like it may need some foilage or berries or ornies or something...ummmm:

The pinecone/trees Heritage Lace runner I have had for many yrs & have used it up on that shelf ever since DH made that shelf for me & 'lowered' it a few mos.'s in it's final resting place now! LOL! What a job!

And one last of my china closet...Mary, Joseph & baby Jesus are now added & changed to the candlelight in the glass cage ...added the mercury glass birds. Til the 'reason for the season' ... hope you enjoyed! Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

BEAUTIFUL Jeanne! Love that you found the glassware and desserts to match your wonderful winter dishes! Beautiful display on your shelf over the glass door and you manger scene with the candlelit conservatory is really nice.

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Marlene...conservatory...that was the word I couldn't think of! Thank U! (glass 'cage' sounds like an animal caged up!) LOL! Thanks for your comments! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, I always look forward to seeing the Winterfrost dishes (and now glasses). Its one of the prettiest patterns around I think. I'd never tire of looking at it.
It displays so perfectly in your Christmas and Winter decorating. The lace runner really sets the stage for those goblets to 'shine'.

I have that lead crystal sleigh too, and a similar tree.
The way the crystal sparkles in candlelight, and with silver accents, always gives a touch of elegance to a vignette. (some day I might remember to light candles before I take photos, LOL. I really like it when you and the other gals show photos in candlelight.)

"Glass cage..." LOL. I'd have said glass house at least.
I'm quite sure I wouldn't have remembered its really a conservatory either. Whatever, its sure pretty.

Your decorating delights me year-round ;o) and I am SO thankful you joined us here!
hugs, Karen

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Jeanne, your crystal display is so pretty sitting on your pretty silver tray. The bird on there is a wonderful accent. I think your cheating us this year by not showing a better view of your tap dance picture.Come On!!!

Are those cinnamon sticks? Bet they smell wonderful. I have alot of the cinnomon scented pinecones and sure enjoy the aroma. Always enjoy the lit candles.

Pottery snowies, lg winterfrost bowl, mirror stars and pine bows made a nice vignette on the top of the fridge. Are the pines real?

With all your dishes out, looks like you'll be ready when we arrive.Great! Your little polar bear spread knife tucked in between the cups is so neat. Looks like he's coming out to greet us.LOL

I just love the clean look with your stems, S & P's and mirror above the sliding glass door on that shelf. Gives an elegant look. Beautiful runner. Some ornies or berries may look nice too tho.

Top of your china closet...Mary, Joseph & baby Jesus, candlelit conservatory and the mercury birds and candle holder is priceless. Sweet!!! The metal leaves in the background are a nice back drop to this vignette. Can never have to much Bling.


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punk...the 'tap dance pic' is already posted on my other thread from today, "Christmas Dollbaby..."

Yes, cinnamon sticks ...I like the look of them & the smell! I used faux pines ...I've got quite an assortmt over the yrs...just use real pines outdoors & sometimes a bit on the porch...but we get our 'real tree' tomorrow so that fills the room!

Karen...thank you for the sweet compliments ..I also love the Winterfrost pattern & didn't know how the 'stems' would work up there...but I do like it...if I come across maybe a pinkish/mauve small berry, I may try weaving some in-between. If you look at the cups, there's a small berry about those colors.

Thanks, ladies, for your comments...I love this forum! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne. this is all so pretty.
I found 4 of those plates at GdWl, but they were expensive, I had to pay 85c ea for them!! I think they are even prettier IRL!!
I will definitely be on the lookout for more pieces! Your stems and goblets are wonderful and look great on your shelf!! Are those still being sold in the store or will I just have to hunt through more TS's? LOL

The crystal pieces on the tray look very icy and the little silver bird is so cute!

The top of the china closet is also stunning, including the conservatory and your Holy Family.

It is all quite lovely and I think that you have so many pieces of the Winterfrost pattern is fabulous.


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Jeanne, I love everything. The crystal pieces sitting on the silver tray with silver bird is so pretty.
The pottery snowmen with the mirrored stars and Winterfrost bowl look neat on you refrigerator.
I think Winterfrost dishes are so pretty, and they can be used throughout the winter.
The vignette using the stems and pretty lace runner on the shelf over your door is wonderful.
Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus look so peaceful in the glow of candlelight.

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Thank you, Holiday-ers, for your comments!

candy...good find...that's where I got the 4 dessert stemware this past yr, too! The Pfaltzgraff Winter Frost pattern according to Replacements.Ltd:

Manufacturer Status: Discontinued Actual: 2001 - 2006

Early this yr, I bit the bullet & pd for another 4-place set on e-bay...I've been looking for yrs now & keep adding a plate, or bowl or cup at a I now have 9-full place settings. The original pcs I bought 10 yrs ago & then as it discont. I kept adding ...bargain %off prices at Younkers. There's lots more stemware pcs (you can see on e-bay) & also some ornies & cookie I'll just keep lookin' when I'm thriftin'!

nana..the silver bird on the silver tray (2 of 'em) is actually a napkin holder...that was my splurge buy for myself last yr on a day trip w/friends...I think they are beautiful, too! Thanks!

No snow here in our part of IA yet...we had an early one ...then warm weather & melted ...but last wk in W. IA when we stayed w/gr'kids, they got 4-5" they have snow for Christmas. Just darn cold! So I like your short-sleeve Christmas, Karen! Jeanne S.

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Somehow I had missed this post. I was just browsin around this morning while I had my coffee and realized there were a few more I hadn't opened yet! So glad I found it!

I think Punk said everything I wanted to say, and I agree with Karen, I just love looking at your decor, it is so pretty and just "feels" warm and homey.

Love the use of the cinnamon sticks, great idea for both looks and smell. And I really loved how you put the dishes out to enjoy and USE! I've got a few Christmas dishes and you made me realize that I should not wait to use them in a "special" tablescape, I need to get them out and use them everyday until Christmas so DH can maybe enjoy them with me. He used to be pretty oblivious to most decor stuff, but He seems to be noticing all the Christmas decor this year and has said so many times that the tree and the lights are so pretty. Thank you for the inspiration to do that!


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Thanks, luvs ...yes, get out those & DH will enjoy them! Was happy to hear that he is noticing all the Christmas decor this yr...& I hope it will bring you both some 'new joy' for the season! Thank you for your sweet comments, luvs. Hugs! Jeanne S.

I posted this when I posted Christmas Dollbaby & buffet...can't remember if you saw that one. ;-)

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Luvs, I'm so happy to hear that DH is enjoying all the decor this year. Why does one have to get older to realize it only takes a second to change our lives?

I worry about you and hope you know your in my thoughts and prayers every day.


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