Problem upgrading Malwarebytes AM

TerrapotsMarch 28, 2012

My update on MBAM was 88 days old so was trying to update. It read updating to V1.60.01.1000. I'm using XP, SP3 with AVG.

I am getting error message "An error occurred while trying to copy a file. The source file is corrupted. I tried it 2 x. I used the program home page update box or whatever it's called.

Need some guidance and maybe a safe link. Thanks a bunch, I think I'm paranoid.

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I would uninstall and then start over. Here is a link to Malwarebytes on Filehippo and they are very reliable, used 'em for years. Or the equally safe Majorgeeks site

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O is correct. Use REVO in advanced mode to remove it. If REVO finds any orphaned files, folders or registry entries, select and delete them.


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Thanks for your reply. I figured I would have to uninstall it. But I missed a part -- what's REVO? Where do I get it, same place as the sites given by O? Sounds like a good tool. Anyone mentions registry and I panic.

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You can get Revo Uninstaller from this MajorGeeks page.

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If you're still with me. I ran the REVO uninstaller. Went to Filehippo and downloaded the MBAM (before I restartd the computer, sorry). It restarted after download but now MBAm cannot be recognized in the folder. I get this message: The Name 'C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\MBAM.exe' specified in thetarget box is not valid. Make sure the path & file name are correct. The original MBAM icon on the desktop is there and it is also listed in the list of programs but none of these can be installed or run. Should I run REVO again, that would be my guess but I'm good at confusion, my best feature.

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Yes I would run Revo again but before trying another install I would use Windows Explorer to remove the MBAM folder you refer to.

You can open Windows Explore by
right click Start
click Explore
click the plus sign beside the C: drive and the sub folders will drop down below
click the plus sign beside Program files
look for and delete the MBAM folder

If access is denied then click the plus sign beside the MBAM folder
click on each sub folder then delete the contents from the right side of your window
then remove the empty folder.

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After using REVO if you have CCleaner installed this is one time I would suggest running its registry tool. On the CC report check only the entries that are dedicated to MBAM. No guessing. Allow the backup when offered.


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A simple Virus might have disabled MBAM from working correctly. If you cant get working maybe Try it in safe mode or another user account.

Or superantispyware protable on a usb drive.

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Could be an infection issue, so

Right-click on the mbam-setup.exe the file you download and rename to explorer.exe or winlogon.exe

Now Double-click on the renamed file and see if it installs that way.

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Thanks, I'll give those a try. I got really busy right now so I have to make time to do this again. Hopefully it's not a bad virus. It could be that I didn't shut down after the REVO.

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Im back. Majorgeeks has an ad "Before you download" Run a free scan for windows errors. Destroy Malware, remove spyware, repair windows registry. Is this recommended?

O, MBAM was not listed in the REVO list programs. I removed the named folder. Ready to try MBAM again.

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NO! I would not install that. Tell us what error you get when you try to install, don't forget to rename it if it gives you an installing issue.

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Thanks for your help. Installed and ran MBAM with no problem. The old icon didn't get deleted when using the explorer. I just deleted it by right clicking. I got a new icon and also the install icon. Is it OK to delete that one now that I've installed. I always hesitate to delete some of these icons.

I really appreciated everyone's help. I was really worried I might have some really bad thing, whatever it was. I think I'm OK now. Thank you all.

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