Santa arrived early!!!

PurplemoonDecember 4, 2010

I've doing online family Christmas shopping, so expecting boxes often this past week, and next . So when a big box arrived I didn't even look at return address, just opened it. To my amazement, there was the Santa Chef I fell in love with last year on here!! The past few months I've watched eBay hoping he'd come up. He didn't, tho I did score two others I liked a lot. But I loved him. I had actually stopped looking and figured "maybe next year." So I stared at him in a bit of shock, then quickly looked at the return address

Yachter saw him, the only one there, at Home Goods! She bought him for me! THEN she added a Nutcracker candle-holder, and the CUTEST Nutcracker sugar 'n creamer set!

What's funny is how perfect it is for a place on my kitchen counter. Its like she knew what I needed there!!

You've heard me mention my kitchen is a small galley style, but during Christmas I try to put out all my cookie jars to decorate the counters. One of them looks like a big red ornament ball. I had set it on the real small counter by the stove....but it just looked sort of pathetic by itself, and I couldn't decide

how to make it better. The Nutcracker set is exactly what it needed, and they look great with it.

excuse blurry photo of candleholder

I just can't believe what Yacht did. She's had a lot on her plate, and not been here with us as much,

yet she shipped me this BIG box full of wonderful gifts. Her caring and generosity truly defines the Christmas spirit I think. To want to do something special for others while carrying a full load of your own just shows the kind of woman...friend...she is. I find it quite humbling to know getting me that Chef Santa I'd wanted so bad since last year was important to her.

How do you properly thank someone for touching your heart?

hugs, Karen

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Oh, Karen, that is so fantastic! Yachter, that was so sweet of you to grab that Santa for Karen when you saw him! Bet you were just thrilled knowing what a big smile you were going to put on her face! ;o)

I can see why he was in such demand, how cute he is with his gumdrop garland and that little gingerbread cookie. And I've seen allot of nutcrackers this year, but I've never seen a creamer/sugar set. That is so unique. And a candle holder too? You must have been very very good this year Miss Karen. ;o)


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He is such a great looking Santa. Honestly, Karen, I think he is the best Kitchen Santa I've ever seen. I'm so glad you have him now. And how much more special knowing it came from Yachter!

I am very taken with your creamer and sugar. Like Luvs, I've never seen a set like it before.

Then there's the candleholder . . .Yachter is a very generous Santa.

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What a joy! Yes, I bet you were very surprised! He is a handsome fella! Love it! And the nutcracker pcs are wonderful! No Home Goods near here ..>I'll have to do some ckg online to see how far away they are! Great finds, yachter & to the lady who does so much for us all on this forum! TFS, PM! Jeanne S.

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Karen..that Nutcracker Chef is amazing. I can see why you wanted him so. The creamer set is so unique...I've never seen one like it either.
I believe this gave Yachter a good feeling, knowing how much you wanted that Chef, and how surprised you'd be when he arrived.
I truly feel that there's just as much joy in surprising someone with a gift, you know they wanted so the person receiving it.
Yachter has such a special heart.


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This is wonderful. So stinkin' happy for you. Like the saying goes, "Good Things Come To Those Who Wait"! Perfect gifts for Karen, Yatcher.

So I would like to know how Thanksgiving turned out for Yatcher. Hope she can spend some time on here and tell us all about the fun times at her home. Maybe we will need to hook up to face book and look for


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Jane, the Chef Santa isn't a Nutcracker. Tho I do have a Chef one! ;o)

I looked on bottom of the sugar-creamer set and they are Dept 56.

Punk, I sure hope Yachter posts soon. I miss her.
hugs, Karen

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Karen, What a wonderful thoughtful gift.
He is adorable.

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Okaaaaay Karen...
Duh....I knew
guess I'll just blame it on 'Brain Fog' !!
Anyway...he's still amazing.


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What a wonderful thing for her to do for you. She must be a very special person, and you also to be on the receiving end of this. I love the santa he is really cute and of course I can understand why you would want him. Nancy

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Jane, I think we should ask Santa for a pill that cures Fibro Brain Fog. LOL. Mine gives me fits, often. I hope yours isn't too awful. Its a wonder I keep anything straight these days, and always 'lose' stuff that I've put in a safe place. LOL, its sure safe from ME.
Right now I haven't lost any of my Christmas decorations at least. After the missing Fall pheasants drove me crazy, that is enough for this season.

hugs, Karen

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Ha Karen!....
All I know is when I'm in my Brain Fog mode..I'll be asked...'Did you forget to take your meds'? I respond,
'Grrrrrrr' >>> nough said.
Actually as far as forgetting where I've 'tucked' things's very frustrating...just like your Pheasants,
I bought tiny ribbons a few wks ago to put on two small evergreen trees for the cemetary...I spent over an hr looking for them. I couldn't remember where I put them. I went into my closet several times as well as other places (All while DH was waiting for me to leave)...well I was just about to give up, when I went back into my closet, and sure enough after moving things around, I found them on the floor behind a little bench...I then remembered I put them on the bench, so I would 'see' them. Well then I also remembered that when I was rushing to get dressed, I heard them fall, but didn't stop to pick them up...
And, now you know the 'rest of the story' !! lol
I did mention on a post here not too long ago, that whenever I get something new,
I'm going to put a post it on the calendar for the month or holiday..telling me where I put them. How's that for 'trying' ?


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I hope you both ask Santa for some pills if that will help but I sure don't want you two to loose your sense of humor! I chalk my times like this to brain overload! I'm so good about telling ours to not STRESS over things they have no control over.

Then...tonight when I checked to see if my timers all came on. No I went out and switched them on only to see that some of the lights on both of my big wreaths were not working. So here's what I did for the one that I could reach.

Yep, I ran back in the garage, grabbed another set of lights and threw them on there until I can take it down and put them on right. After being out there in the cold I wasn't impressed to see this.

Jane, I think your post it notes are a good idea but just my luck DH would turn the calendar page and they would fly off and he would throw them away. I wouldn't realize this until I tried to find

Do you take trees to the cemetary or are there little ones there you put the ribbons on?


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Another sweet story brought to you by our dear friends here at the GW. He's a great chef Santa, love the colors, I'm still looking for a pastel one.Punk, your wreath rocks.

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Wow, Karen, that is a great surprise, and since you have been wanting him, what a treat! So sweet of Yachter! But you are such a kind soul too!

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I call what you did a 'Quick Thinking Problem Solver'..
I think those extra lights give your wreath a nice glow..
Did you make that Santa Face? I like how he's peaking out.

I buy small potted trees.. 'no planting allowed'...
DH pounds stakes thru the pots, into the ground, to keep them secure. They last thru the winter and look nice too.


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Love the Santa and the other things too!
Here in 'Sunny' NW Florida the wind chill right now is 29, and there is ice on the birdbath!! Don't know what the low was last night....I didn't get out from under the electric blanket until almost 9.
Punk, last year I took a small tree to Bill's grave-I think it had ribbons and small poinsettias on it. Since it is a National Military cemetary they require live flowers except at Easter and Christmas. Sooo a fake tree will stay for December. The weath looks fine to me!!

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My DH often laughs when I refer to you all as my friends. He can't understand how we can form dear friendships with women we may never have met . . . and yet, we really do, don't we?
Karen, I LOVE your beautiful new pretties and am so happy that she gifted you with that (really incredible) Santa nutcracker. It warms my heart to hear about Yachter's generocity and thoughtfulness . . .but then again, that's Yachter :~) You're both the loveliest of people . . . along with the rest of our dear friends here on this forum.

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Jane and Nona, thanks for the idea of taking trees to the cemetary. What a great idea to pound a stake down thru the live ones, Jane. I really like the grave blankets too but never seem to get them made.

I bought the wreath for $5 at a ys and all the lights were working at the time.

Lynn, yes we are all friends


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