Newly-installed shower doors slightly uneven

jaxoAugust 31, 2013

I just had a new fixed glass panel and swinging glass door installed to replace sliding doors in a bathroom.
It was done yesterday and I haven't even used the shower yet since I'm waiting for the silicone to dry,
I thought it looked fine at first and I just quickly checked that the door was able to swing both ways smoothly and sent the installer away since another contractor for something else had arrived.
A few hours later I went back in and looked at the shower again more closely and noticed the two pieces of glass are slightly misaligned. The top of the swinging door is maybe 1/8 inch lower than the top of the fixed panel and when the door is shut, the door front is also misaligned inward about the same amount compared to the fixed panel. The door will not line up perfectly with the from of the panel when I close it. Even if I try to line up the front by moving it to align, when I let go of it, the hinge resistance moves it back again.

If you walk up to the door and look at it from arms length away, you can see the tops don't line up and you can see the difference in height even from this picture taken from across the room.

I'm wondering how normal this is on these types of shower glass installs and whether I should call them back after the holiday to "adjust" it.
Is there any adjustment built into these types of installations, or would they have to remove the door, drill new holes? Would this not be be not possible to fix due to any new drill holes being so close that they would be overlapping with the holes already drilled?

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Babka NorCal 9b

Call them back to adjust it. Ours did the same thing and stayed open 3/4" when we let it go. They were able to adjust the bottom plastic flap so that they door would stay wherever we put it. The top shouldn't be a problem either, as the hinges have room to play. The "holes" (ours were actually U shaped cuts) in the glass allow for that.

They needed to have the silicone sealer cure before they can do that.


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Babka is completely correct.

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Babka is completely correct.

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Millworkman, that is worth repeating :)

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LOL, dam duplicate posting no idea why it does that recently.

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Yeah, sometimes after I have posted, and I hit the back button (I think) I get a box that comes up wanting to know if I want to send or cancel. If I hit "send" I think that is when I'll get the duplicate post.

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