Curious about the next holiday

nancyjeanmcDecember 25, 2010

I may be rushing the season, but, being new to this forum (and grateful for pointing me to my new tree!), I'm just wondering; how do things play out here for other holidays?

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Nancyjean, next up is Valentines then St Paddy's. Easter is the next big one after Christmas.
And when there's no holidays, some of us find others to celebrate! LOL. There's actually a site that tells about the "holidays" of every day, week, month. Some are pretty darn obscure ones. But that just makes it more fun for us here. Last year we did Billy the Kid Day, Teddy Bear Picnic Day, and a bunch of others. Nothing like an impromtu party. OA seems to have a stash of everything to use, so its always amazing to see what she does next. Jeanne and Punk aren't too shabby either. LOL. I'd like to shop their homes!! You can do table vignettes if table settings aren't your thing. Or just cheer on the ones who come up with some super ideas.

Things can get slow on here certain times of the year, especially during the summer. So the dishnuts really keep us going playing with tablescapes. We just have to have our daily photo dose or we become cranky at home which our spouses don't appreciate. ;o)

I hope you stick with us thru out the year and have fun too. Every day is a holiday here.
hugs, Karen

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Karen, nicely said :)

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Three Kings Day, Jan 6, then Groundhog Day! :)
Karen must have had a Senior moment! lol

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I used to love getting ready for holidays. It made a difference that the children were younger. And, three years ago, we lost a young member of our family (my niece; she was 17) and I kind of shut down to the "non-essentials." This site got me to pull out the decorations, and my boys noticed. Which means they noticed when it wasn't done.
Anyway, thank you all. You really helped. A lot.
PS My new Christmas tree was perfect wrapped in greens. For New Year's, I'm going to take the greenery off, but leave the ornaments on until January 6th. A nice, clean New Year.

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Nancyjeanne, how terrible you lost your niece. I'm so sorry. Grief is something that takes time yet is never over

Its heart-warming that you found help to decorate again from this Forum. I bet your boys really liked things being festive. Its probably been good for all of you. I hope so. Your new tree sounds neat!

Kathleen, I have a LOT of senior moments. LOL. I can't believe I forgot Groundhog Day! There were some fun decor photos, and I'm sure they are in our one of our albums.

hugs, Karen

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. . . and don't forget our New Year's tables, too: New Year's Eve and/or NYD.

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I can't wait to see the New Year's tables. I need inspiration!

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While I really like looking at all the very ingenious and creative ways to decorate for those obscure holidays I tend to take a break until Valentines Day. My January focus is purging the house of non-essentials, WinterSowing and seed starting. I do plan to leave some of the winter/nature vignettes out this year just so the place doesn't look so bare after Christmas comes down :) .....


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Well, as you all surely must know, I love marking the strange and unusual holidays. The goofier, the better! You can take the teacher out of primary school, but you can't take the primary school mentality out of the teacher.

Today is National Fruitcake Day!

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OA, maybe I should go sit in the middle of the table as the centerpiece--that's what I feel like somedays--a fruitcake! LOL I didn't get any fruitcake this year, just a box of fruit candy that looks like it's loaded with sugar! Haven't opened it yet for that very reason.

Lynne, we "treasure shopping" fanatics love people like you! I found a couple treasures the other day at GW and the gals reminded me that the weeks after Christmas and New Year's are the heaviest for donations. That means it's also a good "treasure shopping" time! ;o)


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Nancyjean, here's the link to the main page of our Forum's table settings album. All the FUN ones are here, plus Winter and New Years and others. There are sub albums on the right side to check out other tables too.

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: our tablesetting album

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Karen! That link is amazing. I don't bookmark much on my computer, but that is up-there! I've glanced at all of them; I'm only up to thirteen, closely examined. It's so much fun. For young moms, what a great way to make "decorating" manageable. A great tradition. For us "old moms," a manageable way to honor so many holidays without feeling as if it's all or nothing. Drag it all out, or why bother.
You have to "cut through" my dining room to get to the den (the kids' hang out.) Can't wait to get started.
Thank you so much!

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Who put that "album" together?

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Didn't want to start a new thread on this, so I figured it could segue in here.
I also "hang out" in the compost forum. Someone started a thread called Compost Day. Before I checked in to see that he or she was just regaling his motivation to haul stuff out, I thought it was going to be about a National Compost Day. (Come on, OldAlgebra, you would love that.) Anyway, the table settings that came to mind...

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Nancyjean, the albums have been created by Karen aka Purplemoon and she graciously shares them with all of us for inspiration or just the enjoyment of browsing through them. I can't even imagine the hours she has spent on them, and we all appreciate her efforts so much.

LOL, a compost day table! Not so sure I'd like to eat at that one! ;o)


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Thanks Luvs. I love what she's done.
Someone on the Compost Day thread says he wants the week off. Can his boss deny him his "religious" observances? ;)

Here is a link that might be useful: Compost Day

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Nancyjean, I'm so glad you enjoyed our Forum's table albums enough to bookmark them. I try to add photos fairly often, the gals here always have such neat settings worth us not 'losing' in cyberspace. I hope you also checked out our albums for Holiday decorating. Last time I counted, we have over 1000 pictures saved for Inspiration and ideas. I'm always browsing looking at stuff, LOL.
I keep telling everyone here these aren't "my" albums but belong to all of us here. And anyone who finds a photo they think should go in there, let me know. I don't snag pictures from blogs since I feel I should get permission to do that. But BHG has been a wonderful source, and "images". Its been great fun setting up the albums for us to enjoy.
(but I'm not telling anyone how much time I spend looking thru them! LOL. I love all the pretty pictures and ideas)

hugs, Karen

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