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pkinsellaAugust 13, 2013

Ii am looking for ideas on how to arrange the master bathroom. I think the bathroom is too big, laundry room too small, and the bedroom needs a foot or two of that bathroom wall. The bathroom is 12 1/2 x 17. Bedroom is 14 x 17. Our previous bedroom was 14 x 14, and I had to maneuver around a chaise.
It would work better for me if the wall the bed is on was pushed into the bathroom a foot or two. As far as the bathroom goes, we want a walk-in shower and prefer that the water closet door swings in.

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One thing I have concerns about is your desire for an inswinging door to your W/C. Can you put a pocket door on that wall, instead of a swinging door? I worry about access to getting to someone in the W/C when the door swings in. Some years ago, my brother, who lived with our mother, was in the bathroom getting ready for work. He had a seizure due to an unknown brain tumor. Our mother arrived home, not able to access him because of the inswinging door that he was obstructing. He seized for probably 30 minutes. 911 was called, the fire department tore down the door, and an ambulance took him to the ER. If the door swung out or it was a pocket door, he would have been reached earlier. Those seconds can count. Or if you want an inswinging door see if you can get a latching system that will allow the door to be swung out if need be. The hospitals I've worked at have patient doors like this. Maybe a little bit intense for your question but I find access critical. It may not even be code to have an inswinging door, check and see.

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You can't: a minimum toilet compartment in residential is 30 x 60 excluding door swing. With the door in that position it must swing out.

If you moved the vanity against the toilet compartment to the walk in closet wall, moved that door and had a smaller vanity, you could have an inswinging door from the end, but the compartment would have to be 84" long to meet the above requirement, and that seems like a waste of space compared to an outswinging door, a pocket door or paired doors in the current location.

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Do you need two doors into the laundry room? It seems like that takes up extra usable space. Additionally, is your office large enough? It appears to be about the same size is the laundry room.

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I think you could narrow the bath to 10' wide by doing the following:
-rotate the shower 90 degrees and push it against the WC wall.
-move the closet door to the center of that wall and put the sinks on either side, against the closet wall
-shift the door between the bedroom and bathroom up the wall (across from the tub) and swap the bed to the opposite wall. If you don't want to move the bed, you could change the door to swing into the bedroom.

This basically removes the need for an "aisle" in the center of the bathroom, making it feasible to be 10' wide.

I can't read the dimensions on the laundry room enough to comment on it. If you can blow that part up, it would be helpful. One thought would be to change the door between closet and laundry room to a pocket door.

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I didn't consider safety hazzards of an inswing nor requirements for this w/c size. Truly appreciate the insight. Having bad vision almost my entire life, I mainly focus on good traffic paths in case it becomes an issue in the future. Which is why I am trying to find a bathroom layout that will maneuver well in a 10 1/2 or 11 1/2 wide space. 1 to 2 more feet between the end of the bed and opposite wall would ensure plenty of room no matter how its arranged.

My husband wants enough room in the w/c so we can easily clean floor around toilet. For the walk-in shower i am going to ask that the entry be angled. I want the shower head on the short wall. As far as dimensions go, is 3 1/2 x 6 a good size if the entry is angled?

Since the shower will be glass unless it's on a pony wall, it seems like butting the w/c and shower together could be a solution to giving the bedroom 1 to 2 ft more space. I was even wondering if moving the tub away from the window was better. My mother did this and cleaning her windows are easier for her.

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I know the laundry to closet door kills layout but I really do need the easy route in the future. I need the access. The office space was originally intended to be accessed thru the bathroom, and was intended to be located in the shower/toilet area. Hubby & dog's snoring sometimes wakes me at 3-4 am. Opted to move it public but it's small. 8 x 11. Bay window will be in that room. Office and laundry could take a little of the closet.

Thank you weedyacres! I am going to read your suggestions shortly, when I can concentrate. Thank you again.

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> I'm using an ipad and the pdf was emailed to me. Won't let me save image to photos.

Just zoom in on the relevant area and then press the Home button and the sleep button at the same time to take a screenshot.

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Thank you. I just figured out how to do that. My husband wasn't too keen on the bed on the opposite wall but if moving the door to bathroom would be better for the bath arrangement it's prob wiser.

Ldy room I wondered if moving the entry into closet would let us steal a bit of space for folding and below it I could use for my cat's feeding area.

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